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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Letter from William Tryon to Messieurs Drummond & Co.
Tryon, William, 1729-1788
February 02, 1768
Volume 07, Pages 680-681

-------------------- page 680 --------------------
Letter from Governor Tryon to Messrs Drummond & Co.

Newbern the 2d Feby 1768.

The Council and Assembly of this province having petitioned his Majesty for his royal license for an emission of one hundred thousand pounds proclamation paper currency to be equal in value to seventy five thousand pounds sterling and have also concurred in a Resolve in the following words.

Resolved, that the committee likewise request his excellency in case of obtaining leave for such emission, in order to prevent counterfeits for the future that he will be pleased to order proper paper, copper plates, presses and other materials necessary for stamping the same, and draw on the public treasurers for the expence thereof

I am therefore to request of you, as a most particular favor, that you will with all diligence, should the said petition meet with his Majesty's royal assent, order the paper as directed in the Resolve with plates for stamping of bills in proclamation value agreeable to the following rates and denominations, Viz.

First plate of three pence—second, six pence—third, one shilling—fourth, two shillings and six pence—fifth, five shillings—sixth, ten shillings—seventh, fifteen shillings—eighth, twenty shillings—ninth, thirty shillings—tenth, two pounds—eleventh, three pounds—twelfth, five pounds—and thirteenth, ten pounds. The paper and other materials I must leave to your discretion, only I should wish to have the words, North Carolina stamped in the making of the paper on the reverse side of it, at least on that sort for the bills of the highest denomination.

I send you several bills now in circulation here distinguishing the good bills from the counterfeit, Regard must be had to the strength of the paper on which the bills of lesser note are to be struck, but of this and every thing else I leave to your judgment, provided however that you wait on his Majesty's principal Secretary of State and the Lords Commissioners for Trade and Plantations with this commission and conform to all such alterations and regulations as they may direct.

If this plan succeeds I should be glad to have sent with the above materials a proper strong treasurer's chest with three good locks and keys, its contents need not be over large but proportioned to the surplusages of this government upon the emission of this new intended

-------------------- page 681 --------------------
currency. If by your ingenuity this currency, should it have an existence, can be put out of the knavery of counterfeits you will render an essential service to the inhabitants of this province who have felt the ruinous effects of the counterfeit currency. The full costs and charges of this commission and expences you will please to transmit to me with the implements and materials herein conditionally ordered.

I am, gentlemen, &c.