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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Regulators' Advertisement No. 5 - Address from inhabitants near Haw River to the Orange County Vestry and General Assembly representatives
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March 22, 1768
Volume 07, Pages 699-700

[B. P. R. O. Am. & W. I. N. C. No. 216.]

The 22d March 1768.

The request of the Inhabitants of the West side of Haw river to the Assembly men and Vestry men of Orange County

Whereas the Taxes in the County are larger according to the number of Taxables than adjacent counties and continues so year after year, and as the jealousy still prevails amongst us that we are wronged & having the more reason to think so as we have been at the trouble of choosing men and sending them after the civilest

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manner that we could to know what we paid our Levy for but could receive no satisfaction for. James Watson was sent to Maddock Mills and said that Edmund Fanning looked upon it that the country called him by authority or like as if they had a right to call them to an Accompt. Not allowing the country the right that they have been entitled to as English subjects, for the King requires no money from His subjects but what they are made sensible what use it's for; we are obliged to seek redress by denying paying any more until we have a full settlement for what is past and have a true regulation with our Officers as our grievances are too many to notify in a small piece of writing. We desire that you our Assembly men and Vestry men may appoint a time before next Court at the Court House and let us know by the Bearer and we will chose men to act for us and settle our Grievances until such time as you will settle with us. We desire that the Sheriffs will not come this way to collect the Levy for We will pay none before there is a settlement to our satisfaction and as the nature of an Officer is a servant to the Publick we are determined to have the Officers of this county under a better and honester regulation than they have been for some time past. Think not to frighten us with rebellion in this case for if the Inhabitants of this Province have not as good a right to enquire into the nature of our Constitution and Disbursements of our funds as those of our Mother Country We think that it is by arbitrary proceedings that we are debarred of that right, therefore to be plain with you it is our intent to have a full settlement of you in every particular point that is matter of doubt with us, so fail not to send Answer by the Bearer; if no Answer we shall take it for Granted that we are disregarded in this our request again from the Publick.