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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Regulators' Advertisement No. 3 - Minutes of a meeting of inhabitants of Orange County
No Author
October 1766
Volume 07, Pages 251-252

No. 3. At a meeting of the Inhabitants of Orange County on the 10th of October 1766 for a Conference on Publick affairs with our representatives, Vestrymen &c.

-------------------- page 252 --------------------

It was the judgment of the said meeting that by reason of the extent of the County no one man in it in a general way was known by above 1/10 man of the Inhabitants for which reason such a meeting (for a Public and free Conference yearly and as often as the case may require) was absolutely necessary in order to reap the profit designed us in that part of our Constitution of choosing representatives and knowing of what uses our money is called for.

We also conceive such a representative would find himself at an infinite loss to answer the designs of his Constituents if deprived of consulting their minds in matters of weight and moment.

And whereas at the said meeting none of them appeared tho' we think properly acquainted with our appointment and request yet as the thing is somewhat new in the County though practised in older Governments they might not have duly considered the reasonableness of our request, We therefore conclude that if they hereafter are inclinable to answer it that we will attend them at some other time and place, on their giving us proper notice, it is also our judgment that on further mature deliberation the Inhabitants of the County will more generally see the necessity of such a Conference and the number increase in favour of it to be continued yearly.

Ordered that a Copy of the above be delivered to each of our representatives & another Copy set up in Public next General Muster.

Their Objection sent was because we had used the word—Judiciously.