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Minutes of the Wilmington Committee of Safety
Wilmington (N.C.). Committee of Safety
August 17, 1775 - August 19, 1775
Volume 10, Pages 158-161

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Proceedings of the Safety Committee at Wilmington.

Thursday, August 17th, 1775.

At an occasional meeting of the Committee.

Present: Francis Clayton, Deputy Chairman; Wm. Campbell, John DuBois, Henry Toomer, Caleb Grainger, John Forster, Wm.

-------------------- page 159 --------------------
Wilkinson, Wm. Ewins, James Blythe, Sam'l Marshall, James Tate, Wm. Purviance, John Ancrum, Peter Mallett, Fran's Brice, Andw. Ronaldson.

On intelligence from Richard Quince, Esq., concerning a quantity of gunpowder being sold by a negro in this town; on examination of the parties it appears that one Peter Brown must have been privy to this affair; and that a negro called Nicholas was the negro who sold the powder.

Resolved, That the said Peter Brown shall give security for his appearance when called on by this Committee, when he produced William Miller and Thos. Brown as his securities; and the said Peter Brown became bound for his appearance in the penal sum of £50, and each of his securities in the sum of £25 proc. money, to be forfeited on failure of the said Brown's appearance, when called upon by this Committee.

Resolved, That the said negro (Nicholas) be sent to Gaol till the examination of Sparrow.

Thursday Afternoon.

At an occasional meeting of the Committee.

Present: Francis Clayton, deputy chairman; Will. Campbell, Jno. DuBois, Henry Toomer, Caleb Grainger, John Forster, Will. Wilkinson, Wm. Ewins, James Blythe, Samuel Marshall, James Tate, Will. Purviance, John Ancrum, Peter Mallett, Francis Brice, Andrew Ronaldson.

A letter was produced from Richard Quince, intimating some alarming information made in Brunswick, relative to the Governor's wicked intentions.

Resolved, that Mr. J. Ancrum and Mr. J. DuBois wait on the Committee at Brunswick, to procure a certain account of that information, that proves satisfactory to this Committee; that a letter be wrote to the Brunswick Committee, informing them that Mr. Ancrum and Mr. DuBois were sent to get the account or information on oath, till which was done, this Committee could not comply with the request of sending down men for the protection and safety of the inhabitants of Brunswick, as the intelligence from thence was so imperfect that it was impossible to act with propriety.

The Committee then adjourned.

-------------------- page 160 --------------------

Friday Morning, Aug. 18th, 1775.

At an occasional meeting of the Committee.

Present: Francis Clayton, Deputy Chairman; Wm. Purviance, James Tate, Thomas Bloodworth, James Blythe, And'w Ronaldson, Timothy Bloodworth, Jno. Robeson, Wm. Ewins, Wm. Wilkinson, John Forster, Wm. Campbell, James Walker, Peter Mallett, Fran's Brice, Caleb Grainger, Henry Toomer.

Several letters were received, that had been taken from an express, sent by his Excellency to the back country with dispatches; those of any importance were taken to the Congress by Col. James Moore.

A letter was read from the Governor to Dr. Cobham, desiring he would send down some particular medicines.

Resolved. That Dr. Cobham be desired not to send the medicines, which he readily agreed to on being called into Committee.

Mr. Samuel Campbell waited on this Committee, and produced an instrument of writing, styled by the Governor a Proclamation; the said piece was read by Fran's Clayton; after which, it was ordered to be kept in the possession of this Committee.

The committee then adjourned.

Friday Afternoon, 3 o'clock.

At an occasional meeting of the Committee.

Present: Francis Clayton, deputy chairman; Will. Purviance, Jas. Tate, Thos. Bloodworth, James Blythe, And. Ronaldson, Tim. Bloodworth, John Robeson, Wm. Ewins, John DuBois, Will. Wilkinson, John Forster, Wm. Campbell, James Walker, Peter Mallett, Frances Brice, Caleb Grainger, Henry Toomer, John Ancrum.

On motion, Ordered, that Lt. Col. Cotton be sent for, and escorted here by a Guard for that purpose—who attended accordingly.

After his examination, he was remanded to confinement.

Mr. Williams, sen., was then ordered in and attended—passed examination, and remanded back to confinement.

On motion, Ordered, that Mr. Clayton write to Bladen a letter of thanks to that Committee for apprehending the above men.

The Committee adjourned till 9 o'clock tomorrow morning.


Saturday Morning, 9 o'clock, 19th August, 1775.

The committee met according to adjournment.

Present: Francis Clayton, Deputy Chairman; John Forster, Peter Mallett, A. Ronaldson, James Blythe, Tim. Bloodworth, Thos. Bloodworth,

-------------------- page 161 --------------------
John Ancrum, Wm. Campbell, John DuBois, Wm. Ewins, Jno. Robeson, Fran's Brice, James Walker, Wm. Wilkinson, Henry Toomer.

Mr. Cotton, Mr. Sam'l Williams, and his son Jacob Williams, being ordered before this committee; they all, and voluntarily, of their own accord, signed the Association entered into by the inhabitants of this county; and readily took an Oath drawn up by the deputy chairman.

The said James Cotton, Sam'l and Jacob Williams, very cheerfully consented to go to the Congress, to be held at Hillsboro' on the 21st inst., there to pass whatever examination may be thought proper by the said Congress.

Ordered, That they be attended by a few gentlemen who are going to Hillsborough; and that the deputy chairman write to the Congress, giving an account of these men, since they were taken in Bladen County.

Captain Thomas Fitch appeared before the committee, and swore on the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God, that the cargo he had on board the schooner Swallow, was not intended, nor should not be landed at any Port, except in some of the West India Islands; and that he is to proceed to Hispaniola, and from thence to Jamaica. Ordered, that the certificate produced by Captain Fitch, from Humphrey and Jewkes, be filed among the committee papers.

Saturday Evening, 8 o'clock.

At an occasional meeting of the committee.

Present: Francis Clayton, Deputy Chairman; Wm. Wilkinson, James Blythe, Wm. Ewins, Henry Toomer, Jno. DuBois, Jno. Forster, Fran's Brice, William Campbell, John Anerum, Peter Mallett.

Ordered, That Mr. Cotton, and the two Williamses be allowed to go up to the Convention by the way of X Creek.

The committee then adjourned.