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Minutes of the Wilmington Committee of Safety
Wilmington (N.C.). Committee of Safety
October 25, 1775 - October 30, 1775
Volume 10, Pages 298-299

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Proceedings of the Safety Committee at Wilmington.

Wednesday, October 25th 1775.

At an occasional meeting of the new Committee.

Present: John Ancrum, Charles Jewkes, John Slingsby, Peter Mallett, Henry Toomer, Wm. Campbell, James Geekie, John Forster, Wm. Ewins.

The Committee proceeded to choose a chairman, and deputy chairman; the question being put, John Ancrum was chosen as chairman, and James Walker, deputy chairman.

Samuel Campbell appeared, and declined serving as a committeeman as it would be very inconvenient for him to attend. Andrew Ronaldson also declined serving, as he was not allowed to be a Freeholder at the election, therefore, had no right to be committee-man. The Committee nominated, in their room, John Du Bois and John Kirkwood, who being sent for readily agreed to serve in Committee.

This Committee then proceeded to appoint a Committee of Secrecy and Correspondence. John Ancrum, James Walker, Wm. Campbell, Charles Jewkes, John Slingsby, John Du Bois, and Peter Mallett, were accordingly nominated.

On motion, Ordered, that the paper now in the hands of Adam Boyd, be sold to-morrow morning, at 11 o'clock; that J. Slingsby, Wm. Campbell and Peter Mallett see that the same is sold. Also, Ordered, that one ream of paper be purchased for the use of this committee only.

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Monday, October 30th, 1775.

At an occasional meeting of the Committee.

Present: John Ancrum, chairman. John Slingsby, John Forster, John Kirkwood, John Du Bois, William Campbell, James Geekie, William Wilkinson.

On motion, Ordered, that John Ancrum, John Du Bois, John Kirkwood and James Geekie, take a list of the inhabitants of Wilmington, agreeable to a Resolve of the Congress of this Colony, lately held at Hillsborough; and that they make a return of the same at the next meeting of this committee.