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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Muster roll of the First Battalion of the Orange County Militia
No Author
Volume 10, Pages 753-754

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]
Roll of Officers and Private Soldiers Detached from the first or Southern Battallion of the Militia of the County of Orange to March against the Hostile Indians under the Command of Colo Ambrose Ramsey.
Major—Hugh Tinnian.
Captains—William Williams, William Murray.
Lieutenant—Joseph Thompson, Peter O'Neal.
Ensigns—Edward Gwin, Elias Powel.
Sergnts of Captn Murray's Company—John Murray, Robt Powel.
Corporals do—Geo. Holt, John Williams.
Drummer do—Jacob Albright.
Hugh Mulhulum
Joseph Thompson
William Car
Morris Richards
John Pogue
William Graves
-------------------- page 754 --------------------
James Car
Walter Ellis
Robert Paysly
Amariah Reives
John Abbot
John Stroud
Richd Williams
Robert Mains
Andrw Hopkins
William Hawkins
Aquilla Dulohoide
William Rayny
John Logue
James McCall
Howal Harwood
Major May
Charles Williams
Arnold Bruce
John Parris
Hezekiah Pindum
John Pugh
Anthony Godfree
James Godfree
John Allison
Solomon Swift
Frederick Davis
Thomas Flemming
Thomas Minor
Richard Webb
Charles McClurg
John McAdams
Archd Mahon
Danl Hoffman
William Thrift
Isaac Easthen
Jesse George
David Horton
Nowel Mum
Stephen Seagraves
Thomas May.