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Letter of recommendation from William Tisdale to Samuel Ashe concerning John Wright Stanly
Tisdale, William, 1734-1796
August 31, 1776
Volume 10, Page 788

Dr Sir:

The Bearer Mr John Wright Stanley, My Friend & Neighbour, having business at the Council of Safety, I embrace this opportunity with Pleasure, To inform you, that ever since the Commencement of these Troubles, Mr Stanley has always shewn himself a steady, invariable and generous Friend to the Liberties of America. He was early a Member of our Committee, & by his Judicious & well tim'd Observations, has been very instrumental in opening the Eyes of his Neighbours, & rousing them in defence of our common Cause. Any services you can render him I shall esteem done myself, & am,

Sr your very humle sert,

New Bern, Augt 31st, 1776.