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Letter from Samuel Johnston to James Iredell
Johnston, Samuel, 1733-1816
December 09, 1776
Volume 10, Page 1041

Letter from Samuel Johnston to James Iredell.

Halifax, Dec. 9th, 1776.

Dear Sir,

I wrote to you the evening after I got here, since which I have been endeavoring to discern what will be done, but am as much at a loss as ever. The Constitution is to be debated to-day, and some talk of finishing as soon as that is agreed on; while others are for staying to appoint all the officers of the State, and to establish Courts of Justice. Which of these plans will take place is uncertain. No one appears to have sufficient spirit to set them right. I am in great pain for the honor of the Province; at the same time, when I consider only my own ease and peace, congratulate myself on being clear of any share of the trouble I must have had, if I had been a member. Every one who has the least pretentions to be a gentleman is suspected and borne down per ignobile vulgus,—a set of men without reading, experience, or principle to govern them.