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Letter from Robert Dinwiddie to George Montagu-Dunk, Earl of Halifax
Dinwiddie, Robert, 1693-1770
February 24, 1755
Volume 11, Page 123

[From the Dinwiddie Papers Vol 1. page 512.]
Governor Dinwiddie to Lord Halifax.

Feb'y 24th, 1755.

R't Hon'ble:

I have the Hon'r of Y'r Letter of the 26th Nov'r by Gen'l Braddock, this Day Y'r L'd's. of the 19th Dec'r, both w'ch I have very seriously read and considered. His M'y's great care of his Colonies on y's Cont't are of so remarkable and distinguish'd paternal Affect'n, y't it ought to rouse the most obstinate People to a dutiful Compliance with his direct's and Orders for a mutual Supply. But my Heart is grieved, and I want Words to express the obdurate and inconsist't Behavior of our Neighbor'g Colonies, not as yet awaken'd from y'r Lethargy, No. Car. only excepted, who have voted (£) 5,000 for the Expedit'n. M'yl'd Assembly now sitting. Pennsylva'a Assembly adjourn'd with't vot'g one Farth'g, and by pretence of a Misunderstanding between the Gov'r and them, they reject the royal Instruct's, and I fear are not well inclined to their own preservat'n, for no small Punctilios sh'd preside w'n so imminent Danger appears.