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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Letter from the Virginia Committee of Safety to the North Carolina Provincial Council
Virginia. Committee of Safety
February 17, 1776
Volume 11, Pages 273-274

[Vol. 8 pages 87 & 88]
(Edmund Pendleton to N. C. Council of Safety.)

W's burg, 17th February, 1776.


Your favor of the 14th came to us last night, its intelligence is truly alarming, and seems to be the beginning of a scheme mention'd in the papers to be formed by admin. of sending troops early to attack your province and ours, which Gov. Martin had promised

-------------------- page 274 --------------------
to second by raising a number of men with you; however this be, it is prudent that we should unite in the exertion of all our powers to suppress it as soon as possible. Powder is scarce with us, we could not, however, avoid sending you a part of our small stock, and have delivered ye messenger 500 lbs. to be returned in kind, if supplies enable you, otherwise to be paid for at ye price we give. Of lead we had no large quantity here, and besides, apprehend it would retard your messenger's return unnecessarily to send your proportionate quantity of that; we therefore only send 500 lbs. for immediate use, not doubting but every house will afford assistance if necessary in that article. Our regulars are raising fast, but none of them embodied except ye two old regiments stationed here and at Suffolk, from whence circumstances will not admit of their being sent, and we can only assist you in men from Militia or volunteers from the counties bordering on you, all of whom we are persuaded, you will find ready to afford you any assistance in their powers. From Pitsylvania and Mecklenburg, we had received intimations of their expecting such a call and inclination to go to your assistance, and had our orders to be ready for a march, when you called for them; from the former you may expect some of our best Riflemen. Great as we consider the benefits derived to us from the command of Colo Howe, we can't think of detaining him a moment when he is so much needed in his own Country, we shall therefore send an express to him with your dispatches, and request him to repair to you with all Expedition.

We wish you great success, and are,
Gent., Y'r most obed't serv't,