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Letter from the Virginia Committee of Safety to Robert Howe
Virginia. Committee of Safety
February 18, 1776
Volume 11, Pages 274-275

The Committee also sends copies of the said dispatches to Col. Howe in the following Letter.

W'mburg, February 18th 1776.


We last night received fromm ye Halifax Town, the dispatches of which I have now the honor of inclosing you copies. We out of our small stock of ammunition, could avoid sparing 500 lbs. and some lead, wc'h their messenger has received. Our counties

-------------------- page 275 --------------------
bordering on your province, we are persuaded, will cheerfully march to their assistance, the moment they are called on, and are the more strongly assured of this from having received intimations of what is now doing—from our counties of Pitsylvania, and Mecklenburg, and their wishes to be allowed to march to ye assistance of their neighbors, wc'h we directed them to hold themselves in readiness for and to go whenever called on, these I hope are already with you, and from the former you will get some of our best Riflemen. You'l observe Sir, w'th what friendly politeness they request y'r return. We should be wanting in Gratitude, as well as every other feeling, if we impeded this reasonable requisition and cont'ed to retain the great benefit of your judicious and experienced command when y'r own country so much requires your assistance; this comm'ee therefore cannot hesitate in beseeching you to repair to them as soon as you can make it convenient, and to accept their reiterated thanks for the eminent services you have rendered the common cause and this colony, in particular during the time we have been fav'd with y'r assistance. Anything you may think of further service you'l please to communicate to Lieut. Colo. Scott, upon whom the command will devolve. You'l also judge whether it is most for the common good, to leave y'r men or any of them, or carry them home; if you should judge our numbers too small to secure the post, and on that account leave y'rs for the present, we hope they may soon be relieved, as we have ordered the regular companies designed for that station to repair thither as fast as raised. Or Colo Scott may perhaps call in militia for the present, to save the necessity of your men staying, who no doubt will be anxious to return with you. You'l be so obliging as to give our Commissary a proper certificate to entitle us to a credit with the Continent, for any provisions he may have furnished your troops. I wish you health and that you may soon crush those vile wretches, who are endeavoring to destroy a Country, which has fostered them. For and by order of the Committee of Safety, I have the honor to be with great regard.

Sir, Your most obed't servant