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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Letter from an inhabitant of North Carolina [as printed in the Diary of the American Revolution]
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April 07, 1775
Volume 11, Page 290

[From Dairy of the American Revolution. Vol. 1. page 61.]

April 7, 1775.

Last Tuesday, Governor Martin met the Assembly of North Carolina, at Newbern, and addressed them in a high-flying, abusive anti-American speech, in which he spoke hard things of all the colonies, congresses, committees, and people on the continent, except those of his own stamp, and begged of his assembly not to approve of sending delegates to the Congress in May. To this the Assembly returned a truly noble answer, and to-day they have passed the following resolution: “That the House do highly approve of the proceedings of the Continental Congress lately held at Philadelphia, and that they are determined, as members of the community in general, that they will strictly adhere to the said resolutions, and will use the influence they have to induce the same observance by every individual of this colony.”