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Resolution by the Continental Congress concerning movements of the North Carolina battalions of the Continental Army
United States. Continental Congress
September 16, 1776
Volume 11, Page 353

Journals of Congress. P. 476. September 16, 1776.

It being represented by the delegates of North Carolina, that, from late accounts, it appears, that the situation of affairs in that State is such, as to render it dangerous, if not impracticable, to execute the resolution of Congress of the 3rd instant, ordering two of the North Carolina battalions, under the command of brigadier-general Moore, to march to reinforce the army at New York;

Whereupon, Resolved, That it be left to the discretion of the council of safety of North Carolina, to execute or suspend that resolution, according as they shall think it most conducive to the public service, and the safety of their particular State.