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Letter from the North Carolina Council of Safety to Patrick Henry
North Carolina. Council of Safety
September 30, 1776
Volume 11, Pages 355-356

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]

Halifax 30th Sept. 1776


Inclosed you will receive Copies of two Letters, one from Genl Rutherford who commands the Troops of this State gone against the Lower Indians of the Cherokee Valley & Middle Settlements, the other from Major Williamson who is at the head of the Forces in the Service of the State of So. Carolina to which we refer you. Genl. Rutherford reached Swanino twelve miles in the Mountains with his whole Army on the 2nd day of this Instant being then distant from the nearest Cherokee Towns in the Middle Settlements about Sixty Eight Miles and we are under no doubt but that our

-------------------- page 356 --------------------
General would be there by the 9th the day appointed by him and Major Williamson to make the attack and should the Indians fly before our Troops and join the Over Hill Cherokees we have ordered Genl. Rutherford to send a sufficient detachment from the Army under his command (if practible) through the Mountains to join Colo. Christian who commands the Troops of your State and a detachment from this commanded by Lieut. Colo. Williams you will observe that Genl. Rutherford in the postcript of his Letter mentions pach Horse Men it is proper to let you know that all those Men are well Armed and the whole of Genl. Rutherfords Army amount to about 3.000 Men we expect daily to hear from the Genl. when that happens you will hear from us and should be glad to have Every intelligence which you may receive from Colo. Christain.

We are with great respect
Your Excellency's Mo. obed hmbl Servts.
By order of the Council of Safety.