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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Resolutions by the Continental Congress concerning North Carolina soldiers in the Continental Army
United States. Continental Congress
February 05, 1777
Volume 11, Page 705

[Journals of Congress, Vol. II, p. 32.]

Wednesday, Feb. 5. 1777.

Resolved, That brigadiers Moore and Nash, proceed with the nine continental regiments, raised and directed to be raised in the state of North Carolina, to join General Washington; and that they being the march from South Carolina, of such of the said nine regiments, as shall then be there, on the 15th day of March next, and of such continental troops as shall be in the state of North Carolina, as soon as they shall be joined by the regiments which are ordered, as aforesaid, from South Carolina. That the troops be marched by regiments or parts of regiments, as the commanding officer shall judge best.

Resolved, That the governor of the state of North Carolina, and the executive powers of the several states, through which such troops shall march on their way to headquarters, be requested to render them every assistance in their power, to expedite their progress.