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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Letter from John Eaton to Richard Caswell
Eaton, John
March 18, 1777
Volume 11, Pages 712-713

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State]

Dobbs County, Halifax March 18th 1777

Dr. Sir,

I am sorry after the pains that I have Taken to Find that you are much displeased with the Chair you Purchast of me last Congress. If you be Remembered after you purchased your Chariott I applied to you to be paid for the Chair which you denied at that Time. One Joseph Waid From Anson County would have Given me 44 proce for it wit the Harness that that you off.ed. You in the First place Find Folt of the Shaffs being two Short by a Foot—Six Foot from the First Cross peace to the End is as Long as any I Ever made and if yours is not that Length I Confess I have Committed a blunder, you Condemn the Hole of the Other work without Condesending to any Perticulars. I Can venture to Say that if its not a Good Peice of work it was not Entended—The Harness which you Find Folt of—I Cant pretend to Say any thing about, as I am a Bleadg to purchase them For I have not an opertunity of making them Myself—the Chariott Harness I have not Got as yet and as the Chair Harness was So bad Should not Like (the price of the Other Chare, will be £40 prock. with one Harness) to be Concerned with the Getting them For Fear I May not Equit Myself of that duty—The Other Chaire you Spoke For I am again you are not In

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want of For if that was not a Good Chair I Confess I Cant Make One Better The Shaffs is the Length that I always Make them and the Harness and Other Trimmings is as Good as the Times will aFord

I am Sir your very Humble Sert.

N. B. If you Expect the Other Chair you Must Rite by the First Opertunity as I Shall do nothing to it until I hear From you as I wish never to do a peice of work Unless I Can Give Satisfaction if any part of your Chair is Give way From the Badness of work I will Repair it with out any Expence.