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Letter from Nathaniel G. Morris to Horatio Gates
Morris, Nathaniel G.
October 26, 1780
Volume 14, Page 711


Guilford C. House, Octbr. 26th, 1780.


Our Men's tour of Duty will expire the last of this month & should be glad of your Orders how to proceed in my method of Discharging them, whether at this place or Hillsborough or march them into Virga. under proper Officers, to prevent their Distressing the inhabitants as much as possible. There will still be a Guard left at this place, consisting of some eight month's men, who have joined me here; so that I can either store the Arms, &c., here, or send them on to Hillsbgh., as you may think most proper. It will be very inconvenient for most of the men to go by Hillsborough, as they will be further from home than at this place. I think if they could be march'd from this place about the 29th, so as to get out of this State before the expiration of their time, it would prevent many Disorders that it will be impossible to avoid otherways, as they seem to be determined to take each one his own method of travelling on the first of next month.

I am, Sir, Yr. Very Hble. Servt.,
Maj. Comd. Virga. Militia.