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Return of William Gooch's Regiment [Extract]
Wentworth, Thomas, fl. fl. 1741
January 11, 1741
Volume 15, Page 754

-------------------- page 754 --------------------
EXTRACT—A Return of the Several Regiments as on Board the Transport Ships in the Harbor of Jamaica.

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January 11th, 1741. Sick.
REGIMENTS. Field Officers. Captains. 1st Lieutenants. 2nd Lieutenants. Ensigns. Chaplains. Adjutants. Quarter Masters. Surgeons. Surgeons' Mates. Serjeants. Corporals. Drummers. Centinels. Deserted. Discharged. Dangerously Recovering. Non-Commissioned Officers & Centinels dead since we sailed. Total Non-Commissioned Officers & Centinel.s
General Harrison
Brigadier Wentworth
Colonel Wolfe
Colonel Robinson
Colonel Lowther
Colonel Winyard
Colonel Douglas
Colonel Moreton
Colonel Gooch (Colonials) 9 33 25 27 30 4 4 1 3 131 131 66 2791 45 2 351 93 3119
Col. Gooch's Regiment.
Lieut. Watkins absent without leave.
Lt. Colvil. Dead.
Lt. Moss. Dead.
Lt. Houghton. Dead.
Lt. Brinton. Dead.
Lt. Slap. Dead.
Lt. Flag. Dead.
Lt. Lyon. Dead.
Ens. Goff. Dead.
Ens. Hall. Dead.
Adjt. De la Valee. Dead.
Ens. Smith. Dead.

[Endorsed] In M. G. Wentworth's of January, 1740-'41.

(A. & W. I., Vol. 62, P. 7.)

Note.—Figures omitted here except as to Colonial Regiments.—Ed.