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Resolution by the Continental Congress concerning the recovery of public property
United States. Continental Congress
July 26, 1784
Volume 17, Page 162


By the Committee of the States,
July 26, 1784.

On the report of a Committee to whom was referred part of a report of a Committee on Letters from the Superintendent of Finance and the Honb'l. B. Huntington.

Whereas, there is reason to apprehend there are in different parts of the United States articles of Quarter masters and military stores, Cloathing, &c., the property of the United States which have accidently fallen into the hands of private Citizens or remained in the possession of persons formerly, but not at present in office of, which the heads of the several departments have no account.

Resolved, that it be and hereby is recommended to the Executives of the Several States, to call on the citizens of their respective States, to make return forthwith of every species of public propcrty which may be in their possession; and the said Executives are requested to forward to Congress or the Committee of the States a general return of such articles, the property of the United States as they find to be in the possession of their Citizens or any of them, in which shall be specified the names and places of residence of the persons in whose possession they are.