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Letter from Richard Caswell to Memucan Hunt
Caswell, Richard, 1729-1789
July 17, 1786
Volume 18, Pages 691-692

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Kingston, July 17th, 1786.


I have this day written to Capt. Fenner on the subject of the final settlement certificates, a copy of my letter, of the order of Council

-------------------- page 692 --------------------
and Resolve of Congress alluded to. I enclose you, to the end, that in case he should change his opinion, or deem it necessary under the Resolution of Congress, to attend to the direction of the Supreme Executive, you may be prepared either to demand or receive the Certificates, if he is pleased to give them up. You are requested to take down the number of individual names and the sum expressed in each Certificate, a list of which you will be pleased to transmit to me, as soon after the receipt as practicable.

I am with great respect & esteem, Sir,
Your mo. ob. Servt.,