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Letter from Richard Caswell to Charles Brice
Caswell, Richard, 1729-1789
June 27, 1787
Volume 20, Page 728

-------------------- page 728 --------------------
(From Executive Letter Book.)

Kinston, June 27th, 1787.


I have your Letter of the 13th Inst. and should most willingly have answered your request by forwarding the Warrants for your Commission, but as I had granted warrants in favor of Colo. Long under similar circumstances which was much condemned by the Assembly as they suggested he had not finally accounted, tho’ I granted his warrants for the Coms. on the sum actually paid in, that Body was of opinion it was wrong, I have since declined granting others unless where the Commissioners have fully accounted and paid up. If you think proper to pay up the Balance of your accot. into the proper offices on your producing the necessary Certificates, I will grant you warrant for the Comn. agreeable to the Act of Assembly, without having regard to the Resolve of the Assembly in 1785, supposing that to be done away as the Assembly in their last Session did not think proper to pass any Law on the subject.

I am very respectfully, Sir,
Your most obedt. Servant,