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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Swann and Hugh Williamson to Samuel Johnston
Swann, John, 1760-1793; Williamson, Hugh, 1735-1819
July 29, 1788
Volume 21, Pages 485-486

[From Executive Letter Book.]

New York, 29th July, 1788.

Dear Sir:

By Express last night from Pokepsie, we learned that on Friday 25 a motion was made for adopting the new Constitution as recommended by the General Convention on September last. This motion was carryed by a Majority of five. A previous Question had been taken for adopting the Constitution for a limited, &c. This was lost by a Majority of four. The paper we shall forward may contain more particulars.

The Inhabitants of this City since the arrival of the above intelligence have hardly been moderate in their Expressions of Joy. The State of New York had so many arguments of private Interest that seemed to tempt her to adhere to the old form of Government, that we confess, the Act mentioned was rather unexpected at so early a period. This event is of such importance that we conceive ourselves bound to give you notice of the same by the first opportunity. Capt. Chris. Clark, who was to sail early this morning is charged with this intelligence, which probably will be forwarded from Edenton by Express, but as Water passages are more uncertain, we shall forward this by Post and request of some Gentlemen in Petersburg to give it furtherance.

-------------------- page 486 --------------------

Congress are extremely desirous to fix the Time & Place where & when proceedings shall commence under the new Government, hitherto they have been restrained, partly as we conceive from a regard to the feelings of our State; we flatter ourselves, however, that no time will be lost in letting us know the Result, after our Convention shall have taken its Resolutions.

We have the Hon., &c., &c.,