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Letter from Francis Child to Samuel Johnston
Child, Francis, d. 1792
January 13, 1789
Volume 21, Pages 517-518

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Hillsborough, Jan. 13th, 1789.


Your favour of the 28th Ulto. I received, since which the Commissioner from Congress left this place taking with him the accounts and Vouchers which he and myself had Registered agreeable to the mode I mentioned formerly to your Excellency, and for which he has receipted.

I observe in your Letter that “you can by no means agree that any Accounts and Vouchers should be taken out of my office, until they are first duly Registered, and I have a proper receipt for them,” in consequence of which I shall still continue the Clerks I have, in Registering the Federal Accounts & vouchers that Mr. Winder had not time to take cognizance of, as well as those against the Union for supplies furnished the Army of the United States as for the Supplies furnished the Militia, keeping a distinct account of each as has been done heretofore, until Col. Thomas, the Agent, shall leave the State in order to proceed to New York, as this is absolutely necessary to be done as soon as possible. I hope it will meet your Excellency’s approbation.

As the accounts that are still to be entered are very numerous and will take much time to be Registered, and a possibility exists that Congress will not lessen the time for exhibiting Accounts, I shall be glad to know whether I may or may not deliver the Accounts to the Agent, that may not be registered at the time he sets off taking his receipt for the same without expressing the amount. I presume this

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will be necessary and all that can be done provided Congress does not extend the time heretofore limited.

I shall be glad to be honored with your Sentiments on the foregoing by the first opportunity, and Am, &c.,