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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Proposal by Timothy Biggs to the Lords Proprietors of Carolina to send troops to Albemarle County to enforce laws.
Biggs, Timothy, d. ca. 1685
August 15, 1679
Volume 01, Pages 247-248

-------------------- page 247 --------------------
[B. P. R. O. Colonial Papers.]

The humble proposalls of Tymothy Biggs to the most illustrious & Rt. Honble Lords Proprietors of his Maties Colony of Carolina I presume that yor Lops having beene out considerable sum̄es of money for the well planting the south parts of your Province with hopes of a further Answere of your Expectac̄on then you may have hitherto had Possibly may be a Reason of unwillingnesse in your Lordps. to Lance out no further But I humbly propose to your Lordps That nothwithstanding you have not beene out as yet any thing upon that County in ye Province called Albemarle yet ye Inhabitants have lived and gott Estates under yr Lordps there by their owne Industry and brought it to the capacity of a hopefull Settlement and ere these had it had your Lordps smiles & assistance but a tenth part of what your Southern parts have had It would have beene a Flourishing Settlement But People having no assurance of their Lands (for that yet never any Patents have beene granted under yor Lordps to the Inhabitants) is matter of great discouragement for men of Estates to come amongst us because those already seated there have no assurance of their enjoyment.

As to our Inletts Virginia being so neare us when the Government shall be well settled (our Land exceeding Virginia & our Stocks of Cattell not requireing fodder as Virginia doth) will draw men of Estates amongst us who may by building small Vessells send our Tobacco to shipp that lye at Virginia Capes and have freight cheaper for delivering the same on board for that many ships are forced by their sloops to fetch their tobacco further than our place is from Virginia And the goodnesse of our Tobacco will advance the price to countervaile the charge.

That the present yearely Product of our comodity (to say) Tobacco in yor County of Albemarle pays his Matie for Custome at least 8000£ sterling And the yearly product may be sd to be worth many thousand pounds besides our great stock and the Indian Trade wch were we supplyed directly from England would much advance your Settlement.

That it would be great Encouragement to People to well Plant and remove to yor Lordps sd County & to yor Lordps profitt if did as at yor Lordps South Settlemt Carry on Plantac̄ons there which would Answer yor Expectac̄ons without being a fourth part out to what some of yor Lordps have beene.

Bee pleased to consider a necessity for yor speedy & effectuall suppressing ye Rebellion though at some charge by a small force for that not onely

-------------------- page 248 --------------------
his Majtys Customes are unpayd & yor Lordps interests lye at stake by ye great Injury it will be to ye neighbouring Governmts as New England, New Yorke, Maryland & Virginia by servants, Slaves & Debtors flying thither wch will in continuance of time make them so stronge as small matters will not then do it & I am sure a Vessell with 8 or 10 Guns & full power to beat up for Volunteers in Virginia to suppresse them if they refuse on Proclamac̄on of Indempnity to come in & submitt themselves to yor Lordps except 2 or 3 persons that are Promoters of the said Rebellion which reguard of yor Lordpps will be a discouragemt to the Rebells & encourage the Inhabitants & others to live undr yor Lordps protection.

In or about Aprill 1678

I doe Averr that these Proposalls were tendred to ye Lds Prprtrs in London by mee & ya ordred mee upon ye same to give my deposition & it to offer to ye Ld Tresurer wth my pitition ye wch I did & his Grace Duke of Albemarle Presant. & they ordrd ye same to come befor ye Kings Majty & Counscill wch was acordingly agreed on by ye Lods Propriatrs, but after upon what considerations of thers I know not, I was Comanded by ye sd Lords To forbeare offering it or proceeding any further therein

This is for a trouth given Undr my hand this 15th Augst 1679

Depty for ye Earle of Craven

I the subscribr doe averr and am ready to be deposed yt ye above attestation and averrmt to the Sendr of ye aforesd Proposalls is the hand of Mr Timothy Biggs