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Minutes of the Vestry of St. Paul's Parish, Chowan Precinct
St. Paul's Parish (Chowan Precinct)
December 15, 1701
Volume 01, Pages 543-545

[From the Vestry Book of St. Paul's Parish, Chowan Precinct.]

In obedience to an act of assembly made November the 12th 1701 appointing a Vestry for this precinct Consisting of.

The Honoble Henderson Walker Esqr.
Col Thomas Pollock
William Duckenfield Esqr
Mr Nicholas Crisp
Mr Edward Smithwick. Mr John Blount Mr James Long
Mr Nathaniel Chevin
Mr William Banberry
Col William Wilkinson
Capt Thomas Leuten.
Capt Thomas Blount.

Who being all present at the house of Mr Thomas Gillam. December 15th 1701.

-------------------- page 544 --------------------

It being debated where a church should be built Mr Edward Smithwick undertakes to give one acre of Land upon his old plantation and to give a Conveyance for the same to the Church Wardens hereafter appointed for the use and service of the precinct to build a Church upon, and for no other use an to acknowledge the same in open court.


It is appointed that Col William Wilkinson and Capt Thomas Leuten shall be church-wardens for the following year, who shall agree with a workman for building a Church 25. feet long, Posts in the ground and held to the Collar Beams, and to find all manner of Iron work vizt nails and Locks &c with full power to contract and agree with the said Workman as to their direction, shall seem meet and convenient.

It is agreed that Nathaniel Chevin shall be Clerk of the Vestry and shall keep a book of the proceedings of the Vestry for which he shall be allowed so shillings per Day for every Day he attends upon the Vestry or Church Wardens

Ordered that the Church Wardens aforesaid having agreed with Workman for the building of a Church as aforesaid. Whatsoever Charge shall accrue for and towards the building of the aforesaid Church, or any other Charge relating to the same (although not here particularly mentioned), by the said church Wardens be levied by the pole upon the Tythables of the Precinct, the Church Wardens first endeavouring to raise the said money by contribution, and in case of failure to raise it by the pole as aforesaid, to agree with a Collector or Collectors to receive the same with power to destrain in case of Refusal. Ordered that the Church Wardens provide a reader, and shall agree with him for his service, and that each Vestry man shall do his endeavour to inquire for a Reader, and give thereof an account to the Church Wardens if any presents.

Ordered that the Inhabitants of the So West Shore. build a Chappel of Ease on their Shore at the charge of the precinct after the aforesaid Church be built, and that they may there have a reader at their own cost and charge. and be excused from paying any thing to a reader on the North Shore. And that either the Honble Col Thomas Pollock or William Duckenfield Esqr agree with the said reader.

Ordered that Twelve pence be levied on every Tythable in the precinct. and that Eight pounds be paid out of it to Chrisr Buttler towards the supply and maintenance of Robt Willson, And that Francis Wells collect the lower part of the precinct, as high as Mr Crisps and William

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Early, from thence upwards on the west shore by William Jones on the South Shore by John Walker, and shall render and account of the same, to the Church-wardens and the said church wardens shall pay out of it to Christopher Butler Eight pounds and shall give an account of the remainder to the Vestry. And the Constable of each District shall deliver the copy of this order to the respective collector. And if any of the aforesaid collectors shall refuse the same the Constable or constables of their district shall bring them before the Honoble Henderson Walker Esq &c or before the Honoble Thomas Pollock to answer their contempt.