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Minutes of the Vestry of St. Paul's Parish, Chowan Precinct
St. Paul's Parish (Chowan Precinct)
March 09, 1704
Volume 01, Pages 596-598

[From the Vestry Book of St. Paul's Parish, Chowan Precinct.]

At a Vestry met at the Chapel the 9th Day of March 170¾.
The Honoble Henderson Walker Esqr
Coll Wm Wilkinson
Wm Duckenfield Esqr
Mr Edward Smithwick
Mr Nicholas Crisp
Mr John Blount
Mr Wm Banbury
Nathl Chevin.

William Duckenfield Esqr and Mr Edward Smithwick being appointed Church Wardens for the Last Year and having Served a year the 15th of December last, and they having failed of calling the Vestry together at that time in Order to be discharged.

Ordered that they serve another year in that Station.

-------------------- page 597 --------------------

Whereas Dr John Blair presenting himself before the Vestry as a Minister of the Gospel and having the approbation of the D. Governour, he is received as a Minister of the Gospel and the Church Wardens for and in behalf of the Vestry do assume to pay the said Dr John Blair 30 pounds (as the Law provides) per annum. The year to begin the first of this Instant March.

The choice of a Reader and Clerck of the Church being debated and Daniel Leigh presenting himself for that office. Its agreed that Daniel Leigh serve in that Station and that he keep the Keys of the Church and keep the Church clean and keep the woods fired at the time of the year round the Chappell also to provide water for the baptizing of Children, and to attend the Chappell every Lords Day, when the Minister is here to officiate as a Clerk, and when the Minister is absent to read divine Service, and a Sermon &c. to keep the Vestry Journal and to attend the Vestry at their meetings. He promising to the Vestry to lead a sober and exemplary Life in his Station his Year to begin this Day.

Whereas his Excellency Francis Nicholson Esqr his Majtys Lieutenant and Governor of the Colony of Virginia hath been pleased the contribute the pious and Charitable gift of ten pounds Sterling for the use of the Church in this our precinct and parish of St. Paul's and for a perpetual Memorial of his pious and Charitable Gift it is.

Ordered that the ten pounds in pieces of eight wt 17 p. wt shall be sent to Boston to purchase a Chalice for the use of the Church with this Motto Ex Dono Francis Nicholson Esqr her Majesty's Lieutenant Govr of her Majesty's Colony and Dominion of Virginia.

Ordered that the Church Wardens do Speedily agree with a workman to make pulpit and pew for the Reader with Desks fitting for the Same and in as decent a manner as maybe and what they shall agree for the Vestry do oblige themselves to See paid. And that they put a former Order in Execution for the getting the Windows put up, and to get Glass and have it put up forthwith.

The Publick Charge is as followeth vizt—

To Doctor Spruil for Curing—
To Luke Meazle's Services
To Coll Wilkinson a Barrell of Tarr.—
To Dan'l Leigh for tarring the Chappell and fetching the Tarr
To Nath'l Chevin Clk.—
To Sallery for collecting at 15 per Ct
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Ordered that the Collector collect of every Tythable in the precinct the sum of one shilling and eight pence with power to destrain in Case of Refusal to be collected by the Church Wardens or their Deputies and the afsd Church Wardens do undertake for the faithfull Collection and true accounting for the Same in the Sum of fifty pounds Sterling to be levied upon their Goods and Chattells in Case of Default.