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Minutes of the South Carolina Commons House of Assembly [Extracts]
South Carolina. General Assembly
October 26, 1711 - November 10, 1711
Volume 01, Pages 820-825

[Extracts from Journal of South Carolina House of Assembly.]

[Page 584-339 original.]

Friday Oct. 26th 1711.

House met.

Mr Speaker acquainted the House that the Govr gave him two letters relating to the affairs of North Carolina, & recommended them to the consideration of the House of Commons.

[Page 340 in original.]


That the said Letters be read, which were read accordingly & the House taking them into debate.

Resolved; That it is the opinion of this House that the inhabitants of North Carolina in their present deplorable circumstances should be aided and assisted by this Government.

[Page 585-340 original.]

Mr Speaker & Gentlemen;

“We are heartily glad that the Resolution of yr. House is so agreeable to ours, & that those good intentions may the sooner be put in execution,

-------------------- page 821 --------------------
we desire that you would speedily propose a method to answer the end we aim at, the relief of our poor distressed Brethren of North Carolina.



The chief cause of my calling you together at this time is to acquaint you of & lay before you the acct we have from the Govr & Government of N. C. the dismal & deplorable condition the Inhabitants thereof now labour under, & desire, as they are subjects of the same Queen Tenants to the same Lords Proprs Christians and Neighbors we will speedily & willingly afford them our assistance, & heartily entreat us to send them a number of Indians with all dispatch, else they must desert the place which I think as Christians & to the relief of the Queens subjects & our fellow tenants to our Lords Proprs we are in conscience & duty bound to do. I therefore desire we may consider & resolve on the best ways & (means) methods possible, & that with all expedition we may send to them relief & assistance, A particular acct thereof refers you to Mr Gale.

* * * * *

Ordered; That Capt Benj. Quelch, & Mr Benj Godin Carry the following message to the Governor & Council.

May it please Yr Honrs

As this House has now met [Page 586—Original 342] according to Yr Proclamation, & upon due Consideration of the deplorable Circumstances of the Inhabitants of North Carolina hath also sent your Honr our resolutions that they should be aided & assisted by this Government. So this House waits Yr Honrs proposals for the best & most speedy ways & means to effect the same which will be readily seconded by this House, in a concurrance suitable to the passing occasion thereof.

Saturday Oct. 27th 1711.

A message from the Govr & Council by Thos. Hepworth Esqr. with the following message in writing.

Mr Speaker and Gentlemen;

This House having Considered of Yr. message sent to us last night, we are of opinion that a Sufficient number of warlike Indians (such as lies most Convenient to this expedition) be immediately raised with a proper officer or officers appointed to command them; that a sufficient quantity of arms & ammunition be provided, & that all due encouragement be given to bring this Necessary war to a happy conclusion in which this House will readily concur with you.


-------------------- page 822 --------------------

[Page 587—Original 343.]

Friday Nov 2nd 1711.

The House met.

Capt Thos. Nairne prayed leave to lay before the House an estimate of charges necessary to carry on an expedition to relieve the Inhabitants of N. C.

Ordered; That the said Capt. Nairne lay this before the House which he read in his place & delivered in at the Table.

Whereupon; The House taking under debate the charges and expenses to be applied for relief of North Carolina & the question being whether a sufficient sum of money not exceeding the sum of four thousand pounds be immediately raised for that purpose.

[Page 344 original]

Carried in the affirmative—

Ordered; That Col. Logan, Col. Hugh Grange, Col. Alex Parris Col. John Fenwick & Capt Thos. Nairne or any 3 of them be a Committee to Compute purchase & procure the necessary stores for an expedition agst the Tusqueroras pursuant to the resolution of this House, & that they make their report thereon, this afternoon.

[Page 588—Page 344 original.]

Ordered; That Maj. Gale be sent for, & that Mr Speaker inquire of him whether the Government of North Carolina can provide a sufficient quantity of provisions for the return of our forces, at the determination of the expedition as also what stores of Powder & Shot that Govert can furnish our forces with (who appearing accordingly & being asked by Mr Speaker the foregoing questions) answered & undertook upon himself on behalf of the Government of North Carolina, that he would provide & then should be got ready fifteen hundred bushels of corn for the supply & return of our forces, as also six barrels of Powder & an equivalent quantity of Bullets & Swarm Shott & then withdrew.

[Page 345 in the original.]

Ordered; That the Committee appointed to purchase & prepare the necessary stores for the expedition against the Tusqueroras be a Committee to prepare Letters & Instructions to be given to the Indian Traders for the said expedition & that make report thereof to-morrow in the afternoon.

-------------------- page 823 --------------------

Saturday Nov 3rd 1711.

The House met according to adjournment.

[Page 346 in original.]

Upon motion.

Ordered; That the offer of the chief Captain of the forces to be raised to march agst the Tusqueroras be made to Jno. Barnwell Esqr. which the Speaker having accordingly made: The sd John Barnwell answered the House that he thanked the House for the offer & that he would accept the same.

Resolved; That Jno. Barnwell Esqr. be commander in chief of the forces of white men & Indians to be raised to march against the Tusqueroras & other Nations of Indians now in rebellion agst the Government of North Carolina.

The committee appointed to purchase & prepare the necessary stores for the expedition against the Tusqueroras, & to prepare Letters & Instructions to be given to the Indian Traders &c prayed longer time to make their report.

Ordered; That the said Committee have farther time to Monday next.

Ordered; That an humble address be sent to the Lords Proprs of Carolina, therein to lay before them the great mischief & danger to this Province by the intrusions & approachments of the Virginia Traders Trading with the Indians living within the limits of & in amity with this Governt & that their Lordships by asserting their just rights [Page 590—Page 347 original] therein would be pleased effectually to prevent & suppress the same for the future: As also to address their Lordships that they would be pleased to bear some part of the great charge which will arise to this province by the intended expedition agst the Tusqueroras & other nations of Indians now in rebellion against the Government of their Lordships Province of North Carolina.


That Capt. Quelch, Capt. Thos Nairne & Jno. Barnwell Esqr. Be a Committee to draw up the said address & that they bring the same into the House next Tuesday in the afternoon.

Tuesday Nov. 6th 1711

The House met according to adjournment.

Read the first time a Bill for raising the sum of four thousand pounds &c and past with amendments.


That Col. John Fenwick & Capt. Thos Nairne carry the foregoing Bill to the Govr & Council.

-------------------- page 824 --------------------

[Page 591—Page 348 original.]

Wednesday Nov. 7th 1711

The House met according to adjournment.

Read the petition of Edmund Ellis praying to be admitted Chyrurgeon for the expedition against the Tusqueroras.


That the choice of a Chyrurgeon be referred to the choice & discretion of Jno. Barnwell Esqr. Commander in Chief of the said expedition.

[Page 349 original.]

Read the second time the Bill for raising the sum of four thousand pounds &c and past with amendments.

[Page 592.]

Ordered; That Col. John Fenwick & Jno. Barnwell Esqr. carry the 3 foregoing Bills to the Governor & Council.

The House adjourned to 3 o'clock in the Afternoon.

A message from the Govr & Council by Thos Hepworth Esqr. who returned the Bill for raising the sum of four thousand pounds &c & the additional Bill for cutting & making a path &c, both marked with a second reading.

[Page 350 in the original.]

Ordered; That Jno. Barnwell Esq. & Capt. Peter Hann carry the foregoing Bill to the Governor & Council.

[Page 594—Page 353 in the original.]

Thursday. Nov. 8th 1711.

May it please your Honrs

The provision for relieving the Inhabitants of North Carolina being so far advanced that it is necessary that the Governmt should receive intelligence thereof as soon as conveniently may be. And the agent from thence having engaged himself to supply our forces with stores of ammunition, Corn & other necessaries. We therefore pray your Honrs to despatch the sd agent with letters to that Government in such a small vessel as your Honr shall think convenient for that purpose the charges thereof the said agent hath undertaken to see defrayed, in which letters we desire your Honr to signify to that Governmt among other things, the great charges this Province is under in the preparations we make to relieve them, & that we promise ourselves to be reimbursed by those we relieve: We think it further necessary to have frequent intelligence between this Port & North Carolina, during the time our forces are absent on this expedition, & therefore pray your Honrs to take up & employ at

-------------------- page 825 --------------------
the publick charge a fit vessel for that purpose, as often as it shall appear useful to the expenses of which this House will always readily contribute.

[Page 598—Page 357 original.]

Saturday Nov. 10, 1711.

The House met.

Ordered; That Thos Nairne Esqr. & Col. Hugh Grange carry the following Bills to the Governor & Council.

A Message from the Govr & Council by Thos Hepworth Esq. who brought Letters to be perused by this House, which are to be sent to the Governmt of North Carolina.

Read, the 3d time, the Bill for raising the sum of four thousand pounds, & past into a Law.