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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Minutes of the North Carolina Governor's Council
North Carolina. Council
April 14, 1713
Volume 02, Pages 32-35

[Council Journal.]

North Carolina—ss
Att a councill holden at ye house of the Honble Thoms Pollock Esqr Chowan on ye 14th day of Aprill Ano Dni 1713
Present the Honble Thos Pollock Esqr presidt &c
The Honble Thos Boyd Esqr Lds proptrs Depty
The Honble Nath Chevin Esqr Lds proptrs Depty
The Honble Christo Gale Esqr Lds proptrs Depty
The Honble Tobit Knight Esqr Lds proptrs Depty
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Daniell Richardson Esqr Presented to this board a Comission from his Excellcy ye most noble Henry Duke of Beaufort Pallatine and ye rest of ye true and absolute Lds proptrs of Carolina thereby appointing him to be Receivr Genll of this part of ye province of Carolina and also Instructions thereon which said Comission and Instructions was read allowed of and ordered to be Recorded and then ye said Daniell Richardson tooke and subscribed ye several oathes by Law appointed to be taken for his quallification and thereupon was admitted accordingly—

It is Ordered by this Board that from henceforward noe Lands be survey'd within a mile of either side of Marattock river and if any Land are already Survey'd Within ye Bounds afsd It is Ordered that noe Grants or pattents be passed for ye Same untill farther Order of this Board—fforasmuch as it has been represented to this Board that divers persons in this Governmt and especially in ye County of Bath Doe under pretense of purchase hold large tracts of Land not haveing paid or Secured the pruchase money to ye Lds proptrs nor haveing any other title thereto then a bare Entry and Survey to ye great Loss and prejucdice of ye Lds proptrs and also to ye hindrance of ye Good Settlemt of the Governmt and this Board haveing taken ye Same into their Consideration.

It is hereby Ordered that noe person that Doe pretend any title to any Land within this Governmt upon purchase as afsd that shall not pay or Secure to be paid unto to ye Receivr Genll for ye tyme being the purchase money due therefore on or before the 25th day of December next all such Lands shall be ffree and Cleare for any person to enter on and take up as if the same had never been entered or Survey'd before and all persons that shall from henceforward Survey any Lands on pretence of purchase and shall not pay or Secure to be paid ye purchase money therefore to ye Receiver Genll as afsd within six monthes after such a Survey the same shall be also ffree and Cleare for any other person to enter upon as if ye same had never been Survey'd before.

Danll Richardson Esqr Receiver Genll haveing represented to this Board that by his Instructions ye Lds proptrs Doe require that ye purchase money of Lands hereafter to be Sold as also ye Chiefe Rents resurved thereon shall be paid in Sterl money of Great Brittiane on ye true Vallue thereof which cannot by any meanes be strictly Comply'd with in this Country and ye said Danll Richardson being also directed in his said Instructions to take ye advice of all matters therein Conteyned of ye Presidt & Councill Did apply himselfe to this Board for advice herein And this Board haveing Considered thereupon and Compared ye afsd Instructions wth ye Instructions lately sent upon that head to ye late

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Govr Hyde dec'd are of oppinion that ye said Danll Richardson may for any Tyme within Seaven yeares from ye Date of ye said Govr Hyde's Instructions agree for & Contract wth any person for Lands at ye rate of Twenty pounds per thousand acres to be paid in any Good & Merchantable Commoditys of this country at ye rated price And it is further ye oppinion of this Board that Rice well dressd and Cleaned at ye rate of Seaventeen shillings & Six pence per hundd wch is ye true vallue of Sterl money.

Forasmuch as Divers persons were Imploy'd in receiving of Quit Rents in this Governmt by ye late Govr Hyde Dec'd and have not Yet Rendered any accot thereof to this Board

It is hereby Ordered that all such receivers as afsd within the County of Albermarle Doe render a true & Just account of their preceedings therein unto Danll Richardson Esqr the present Receiver Genll within one month after ye Date hereof and all Such persons who have been Imploy'd as afsd in ye County of Bath Doe rendr Account thereof to ye said Daniell Richardson within Two month after ye Date hereof as they will Answare ye Contrary at their perrills

Daniell Richardson Esqr the Lds Proptrs Receiver Genll haveing requested this oppion of this Board whether it be practicable or possible for him to pay the Severall Officers Sallary at quarterly paymt persuant to a paragraph of his Instruction for that purpose.

It is the oppinion of this Board that ye same Cannot be Comply'd with and it is sufficient if paymt thereof be made once in every Yeare

Whereas it dos appear to this Board that there was Twenty Guns Impres'd from Mr Thos Peterson by Order of the late Govr Hyde for ye Service of ye publick and they not being returned againe

It is Orderd by this Board that ye provost Marshll or his Deputy Doe make dilligent Enquiry & Search for ye Said Gunns and Gather them together and deliver them to ye Said Thos Peterson as Soon as possibly he Cann—

Whereas Daniell Richardson Esqr Receiver Genll is Directed in his Instructions to pay unto ye Chiefe Justice of this Province the Sume of Sixty pounds per Annum for his support in ye Said Office And Majr Christo Gale Esqr haveing Executed that Office from ye first of July last and still Continues in ye Same therefore it is the oppinion of this Board that ye Said Sallary Doe of right belong and Ought to be paid to ye Said Majr Christo Gale from ye afsd first of July last untill he shall be Superseaded in that Office——

Whereas the Lds proptrs Doe Strictly require that an exact Rent Roll be forthwth taken as well to satisfy their Lds proptrs What Land are disposed

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off as also to enable the Receivr Genll to demand & recieve ye rents Due therein and for the more expedition therein

It is Ordered by this Board that ye Several persons hereafter named be Impowered to take an exact acct upon Oath of all persons how much Land they hold in this Governmt by Survey or pattent how long they have held the Same and wt rent is is Due thereon (Vizt) in ye precinct of Chowan George Smyth ffra Parrott Lenard Lofflin Jno Jordan & Thos Perterson Esqrs

In ye precinct of perquimons Majr James Coles & Capt Jno Hecklefeild—

In Pasquotank precinct Danll Richardson Esqr Mr Jno Palin Thos Miller and Capt Ludford, In Corratuck precinct Mr Jas Wicker and Capt Richard Sanderson Junr. In the County of Bath Capt Jno Drinkwater Jno Jordan ffarnfold Green & Richard Graves and all persons within their Several precincts whoo doe not appear before Some one of ye persons above named and give in an Exact account upon Oath as above sd of all Such Lands as they hold how they hold ye Same and how long they have Soe held And wt Rents are Due thereon without any Concealmt on or before the last day of October next Such Lands shall be ffree and Clear for any person to Enter upon and take up as if ye Same had never been Entered Survey'd or pattented before——

Mary Burke admr of ye Goods & Chatles of Richard Burke Dec'd came before this Board and acknowledged that to her Certaine knowledge the said Richard Burke in his life tyme did receive of and from James Curlee Senr the Sume of Ten pounds Ten Shillings on ye acct of ye Honble Thos Pollock Esqr which money was in Consideration of a plantation Sold by ye Said Richard Burke to Thos Jones of Verga Shoemaker—

It is ordered by this Board that for the future any Indyans Shall be sent into ye Honble presdt for any Crimes or misdemeanors the said presidt is hereby fully Impowered to Inflict Such Imediate punishment on them as he shall think ye Crime requires or as might or Could be done if the Councill were there present

A power of Attoy from Thos Jones of Eliza Citty County of Verga to the Honble Pollock Esqr fformerly prove before the Honble William Glover Esqr was presented to this Board by ye afsd Thomas Pollock Esqr & Ordered to be recorded