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Letter from the Lords Proprietors of Carolina to the Board of Trade of Great Britain
Carolina. Lords Proprietors.
July 15, 1715
Volume 02, Pages 191-192

[B. P. R. O. B. T. Proprieties. Vol. 9. Q. 48.]

15 July 1715

My Lords

We received your Lordships letter last Night And in Answer to the several Questions therein propos'd to us by your Lordps We say

1st That we have given Orders to the government of South Carolina, immediately upon the Receipt of our Letters to imploy such goods and Effects as Our Receiver has in his hands (which we conceive may amount to near two thousand pounds) towards procuring arms and ammunition for the Defence of that Government

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2d That the Assembly did send in May last to the Value of two thousand five hundred pounds to New York, New England &c for the purchasing of arms and ammunition to inable them the better to defend themselves against their Indians Enemies, that whatever effects, we have from thence lately receiv'd, shall be as soon as may be despos'd of and the produce thereof apply'd to the publick Use of the province. There is a vessel lying in the River and now ready to sail with our orders, of about one hundred ton Burthen and that others will be sailing in a very short time after

3rd If his Majesty shall be Graciously pleased to send his Royal Orders for any men from his Majesty's Garrisons in North America, We do not doubt, but the Government of Carolina will send ships and Provisions for their Transportation.

4th That it is humbly submitted to his Majestys great Wisdom, What sum of Money his Majesty will be pleased to grant for our assistance And great care shall be taken when the province can be resettled, that the same shall be repaid from the Effects and produce of the country as soon as may be

5th If the Lords who are not Minors should surrender for themselves that would give the King no better Title than he has already, for the Title of the Miners wou'd still subsist. And that in case the money advanced as aforesaid by his Majesty shall not in a reasonable time be repaid. We humbly conceive his Majesty will have an Equitable Right to take the Government into his immediate protection. That the Proprietors have continually supported and defended the Government when attack'd by the French or any other Enemy. That neither his Majesty nor any of his predecessors have ever been at any Charge for the supporting or defending the province of Carolina from the first grant thereof to the proprietors, which is about fifty years; And the proprietors hope when this War is over, his Majesty will never have any further trouble, for any Charges or any expenses whatsoever. We are

My Lords
Your Lordsps
Most obedient and
Most humble Servants
CARTER Palatin

St James's
July ye 15th 1715.


Reced 15 July 1715
Read 15 July 1715