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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Letter from Charles Eden to David Humphreys
Eden, Charles, 1673-1722
January 17, 1717
Volume 02, Pages 269-270

[From N. C. Letter Book of S. P. G.]

North Carolina Jany 17th 1716[7]


I am honored with two of yours, one bears date the fourteenth of May the other the 25th 1716. To the former I can soon make an answer there being but one Missionary (and never another Clergyman) in my Government which is Mr Urmston whose duty and affection to his Majesty King George I believe the most Honorable Society will not doubt of for as to that part I think the Gent. is unquestionable and I shall again lay hold of this opportunity to lay before your board the great want there is of a Clergyman amongst us, notwithstanding this Gent does all he is able in the discharge of his function and spared for no pains. Yet there are still hundreds of children and others unbaptized and are like to remain unless some further charity be extended to them.

As to that of the 25th I shall say little now having transmitted formerly to your predecessor Mr Taylor an abstract of our Vestry Act which

-------------------- page 270 --------------------
I hope came to hand, if it has not or it is not satisfactory, upon your acquainting me, shall send a copy of the whole act; but I must observe tho' that act seems very suspicious it is at present of very little benefit to your Missionary for the money raised thereby as well as all other public moneys are paid in public Bills of Credit which are at a vast discount whilst in hath [truth?] our vestry have not been so ready in assisting this Gent. as they ought to have been which fault I hope will in a little time be remedied not only as to Mr Urmston's part but towards any other person whose lot it shall fall to come amongst us.

I did myself the Honor to implore of the Society a Missionary for the County of Bath a place of much larger extent than this of Albermarle and altogether hitherto neglected which I must again entreat you to mention to the Board if there is not one already appointed for that service—Mr. Taylor indeed mentioned a Gent. that was to come from South Carolina amongst us, but I never heard anything of him, nor do I believe we ever shall, I have been so full before in relation to the poor people of that County that I shall forbear any further addition at this time more than intreating my most humble duty to the most Honorable Society whose commands I shall always obey with great readiness which concludes as I really am, Sir

Your most humble Servt