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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Minutes of the North Carolina Governor's Council
North Carolina. Council
October 30, 1718
Volume 02, Pages 311-313

[Council Journal.]

30 Oct 1718

North Carolina—ss
At a council held at the house of Coll Thomas Pollock Octor the 30th 1718
Present the Honble Charles Eden Governor Capt General & Admll
Thomas Pollock Esqr Lds proptrs Deputy.
Wm Reed Esqr Lds proptrs Deputys.
ffra ffoster Esqr Lds proptrs Deputy.
Richd Sanderson Esqr Lds proptrs Deputy.

The Honble the Governor having laid before this Board several papers, proposals & Instruments between himself and the Governor of Verginia towards adjusting and determining the Boundarys between this Goverment and that of Verginia and haveing likewise made known to the Board that he has orders from the Lds Proprietors to settle the same agreeable to the proposals aforsd

Its therefore Ordered that ffred Jones Esqr Coll William Reed and Capt Richd Sanderson or any two of them be and are hereby apointed Comissioners for that purpose who with the Surveyor General on the 10th of May next ensuing are to proceed to lay out a line between the Two Government agreeable and according to the Instruments Signed by both

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Governors aforsd for that end and that the Surveyor General give the Governor of Verginia timely notice of this order that Comissioners may be by him appointed to meet the Comissrs of this Goverment at the time aforsd for the purposes an intent aforsd and likewise that the Surveyor General procure six freeholders of this Government to attend the Commissioners while the sd line is running and all other charges he or they may be at in and about the premises they are hereby directed to draw upon the Lds Receiver General who has orders to answer and pay the same out of their Ldsps Revenues

Its represented to this Board the setting of the last Council that divers Iregularitys and abuses were Committed in Lapsing lands where upon our order framed in these words vizt that for the future pattents shall not pass for Lapsed Land till notice be given to the party in possession and that this Board is sensible that the Lands are Lapsable

Which order being again Considered off by this Board and found to be hindrance of settling Land pursuant to the provisn mentioned in the pattent

It is therefore further ordered that upon any persons petitioning for Lapsd Lands for the future pattents shall immediately be granted which sd pattents shall Lye in the Secty Office till the person in possession have notice given him by the Constable of the precinct where the land lyes and if such person after notice as afsd shall not showe sufficient reason to this Board why pattents should not Issue by the setting of the next Board after such Lapse pattents are obtained that then the Secty deliver the pattent to ye persons praying for the same

Coll William Reed Petitions for a Lapse pattent for 640 Acres of Land lying in Pasquotank surveyed by Augustine Scarborough being not Seated as the pattent directs

Ordered that a pattent Issue pursuant to the afsd order

Upon Petition of Mr John Blount praying an order might pass for a Resurvey upon the Land now in dispute between Coll Maurice Moore and the sd Blount and this Board by the surveyors returne now laid before them being made sensible that the Quantity of Land wanting to make up an Acre is not so much as the fence stands upon

Its therefore Ordered nemine Contradicente that the Surveyor General make a resurvey of of the sd Land without the fence so farr as the sd fence extends as pray'd for and that Mr Blount give notice to Coll Maurice Moore that he may attend and this Board being in all likelyhood to continue setting a Considerable time by reason of the assembly meeting Therefore its further ordered that the returne of the afsd survey be made

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this present sitting of the Council and that all persons formerly ordered to view the same attend this Board as afsd

Upon Petition of Henry Lisle setting forth that he is sattisfied and pd by Wm West for a Tract of Land now in disput between him and the sd West praying that a pattent for the sd Land goe out in the sd West name

Ordered that the same be granted as prayed for