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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Minutes of the North Carolina Governor's Council
North Carolina. Council
November 11, 1718
Volume 02, Pages 314-318

[Council Journal.]

North Carolina ss.
Att a Council holden at the Court House in Chowan November the 11 1718
Present the Honble Charles Eden Esqr Governor etc
Thos Pollock Esqr Lds proptrs Deputy
William Reed Esqr Lds proptrs Deputy
ffred Jones Esqr Lds proptrs Deputy
Richd Sanderson Esqr Lds proptrs Deputy
-------------------- page 315 --------------------

Mr John Hardy appeared before this Board and made a returne of his proceedings about the Alarme lately made in pamlicough which with some Letters from Mr Secty Knight and deposition brought in and now laid before this Board by Capt John Worley proves the whole affair a Villianous confedercy of Mr Worseleys Children and servants with his slave Pompey in order as it is believed to keep the sd Slave from the derserved punishmt due to him for former Roguerys of this kind done by the sd Pompey which being duely weighed and considered of by this Board and the ill Consequences that attends such false reports and Alarmes and for the Terror of others it is hereby Ordered that Mr Thomas Worsley before the Marshall discharge him give bond with sufficient security in the sum of Five hundred pounds that he and his Daughter Mary likewise attend the Governor and Council or General Court at the next meeting and stand to and abide such orders as shall be passed agt them and not depart without leave of the Court and that they be of their good behaviour in the meantime.

And it is further Ordered that the Marshall or his Deputys in the face of the Courts immediately give to John Worseley son of the afsd Thomas Worseley 39 lashes well laid on on his bare back and its further Ordered that Nathaniel Ming servant to the aforsd Thomas Worseley in Consideration of his being servant and discouvering the above sd Roguery have but 29 lashes on his bare back at the same time and place with Mr Worseley son

And its further Ordered that all possible means be used towards apperhending and takeing the afosd Indian slave either Dead or alive and in case he should be taken alive that the Governor desired to bring the sd slave to speedy Justice.

Its likewise further Ordered that Mr William Charlton immediately repair to Blounts Towne and give him an accompt of the discovery made in the affairs of Pompey and to let him know the Services done by one of his Indians named Johnny and withall that as the Governor from time to time informs him of occurrances as they happen that this Board expects the same from him and that he will encourage any of his Indians to scout out in order to apprehend the sd Pompey that they shall have a sufficient reward for the same

The Surveyor General not haveing laid before this Board his Instructions returns and Copy of entries pursuant to an order passed last Council is hereby ordered without fail to lay ye same before the Examiners that pattents may Issue.

-------------------- page 316 --------------------

This Board finding it necessary to continue Rangers in Bath County do hereby order that Rangers be continued subject to the Governors directions and that the provost Marshall impress the remainder of the Corn unpressed and so much more as will make up the quantity 200 bushels and that he shall deliver the same to such person or persons as the Governor shall order and appoint and take receipt for the same

Upon Reading the petition of King Squires and Mackay its ordered and declared that all entrys and surveys and pattents that heretofore have been or hereafter shall be made or granted or any sales by them made without leave from the Goverment and Council by them and their people of the Lands appointed for the Settlement of the Marmiskeet Indians shall be invalid and of no Effect to all intents and purposes as if the same had never been made or granted and to prevent all further complts its ordered that the Secty and the Surveyor General be acquainted herewith

Ordered that writs are Issued for calling an Assembly to Seat ye Court House in Queen Anns Creek the first Tuesday in March next

Upon Petition of John Lovich Setting forth that some months before Governor Hyde dyed he entered with the Surveyor General a Tract of Land containing by Estermation four thousand acres of Land lying in Bath County knowne by the name of Core Towne and by reason of the Indian Warr which made it very dangerous to go out in those parts it was not survey'd by him before his Death after which Admtion being granted to the widdowe of the sd Governor Hyde she entered the sd Lands in her owne name and soone after left the Goverment leaving the care of the Afsd Lands in her Atturneys hands who promised Her to see it saved to her and further Sheweth that his the petitioners Unkill Edward Pard of London formerly lent Governor Hyde a Considerable Sum of money which he promised to pay to the petitioner who came out of England with him upon the afsd promises and lived with him till his Death but never rec̄d one farthing of the aforsd money tho he had abundance of Assurances that he would do it as soone as the Government was Settled (it being then in the greatest Confusion) but his Death prevented, And the Widdowe being sensible of the aforsd Debt had discourse with petitioner several times about it and seemed very much Concerned it had not been paid and being willing to make some sattisfaction as well for the money due to him upon his Unkles accompt as his Owne Services gave your Petitioner a Deed for the sd land which is here produced the Petitioner haveing such Title as afsd has often moved the Governer that he might take out pattents for the sd Land and has been and now is ready

-------------------- page 317 --------------------
to pay the purchase therefore but has allways been denyed by reason as your Petitioner is told that Coll Thos Pollock had made an offer of the aforsd Lands (dureing the time of his being President) to the Lord Carteret for a Barony and til his answer is rec̄d is stil denyed the same, to the great hindrance of their Lds settlement as well as private Damage to this Petitioner. the premises being duely Considered by this Board the Petitioner prayes an order of Council forbiding any Entries to be made on the sd Land claimed by the petitioner and in case the Ld Carteret doe not in Some time lay claim to the same that the petitioner and no other have right and Title there to

Ordered that in case the Ld Carteret doe not make his claim in some reasonable time that the right and Title to the sd Land be in the sd John Lovich and that all entrys or Surveys made on the same Land for any other person be null & Void

Upon Petition of John Cain setting forth that John Hendricks dyed Seized of a Tract of Land lying on the East side of Cascupernung river being the point of the river and that he hath made no Will nor is there any relations of the sd Hendrick to be found praying a writ may Issue to enquire wether sd Land doth escheat & that a pattent may be granted to him for the same

Ordered that a Writt of Escheat doe Issue for the same

Upon Petition of Capt Richard Sanderson Setting forth that John Hendricks late of this province is Dead and that he dyed Seized of a Tract of Land Containing 600 Acres lying on the Sand Banks between Capt Sanderson and Thomas Evans lines which sd Land doth Escheat to the Lds propts for want of Heirs of the sd Hendricks prays a writ of Escheat may goe out to enquire whether the same doth Escheat and that the petitioner may have a pattent for the same

Ordered that a writt of Escheat do Issue for the same

Upon petition of Coll William Reed Shewing that John Jones Junr Survey'd 200 Acres of Land or thereabouts lying on the Broad neck at the mouth of North River and pattented the same and afterward Sold it to the Petr but the same not being seated pursuant to proviso in the pattent he prays a Lapse pattent may be granted for the same

Ordered that the same be granted as prayd for

Upon Petition of Coll William Reed Setting forth that John Jones Junr formerly pattented a Tract of Land containing 248 Acres or there abouts lying at Powell point the which ye sd Jones has sold to one Thomas Williams and the Same not having been seated by either of them as the pattent directs prays a Lapse pattent may be granted to him for the same

Ordered that the same be granted

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Upon Petition of Capt James Browne setting forth that one William Joy about 20 years Since took up a parcel of Land in Pasquotank Precinct Containing 216 Acres or there about which Land the the sd Joy sold to one Nickolas Algate but neither of them haveing Seated the same as the Law directs prays a Lapse pattent for the aforsd Land may be granted him

Ordered that the same be granted

Upon Petition of ffred Jones Esqr Shewing that about five years since Mr Lewis Connor of Verginia pattented a Tract of Land lying on the long ridge Containing 640 Acres which is not seated as the per rvis in the sd pattent directs praying a Lapse pattent for the same

Ordered that the same be granted as prayed for

The Petition of Coll William Reed was read shewing that Stephen Scot pattented a Tract or parcel of Land in the Broad Neck Containing 400 Acres or thereabouts now in the possession of Edward Son of the said Stephen Scot neither of which haveing seated the same as Lawe direct he prays a Lapse pattent may be granted to him for the sd Lands

Ordered the same be granted

Upon Petition of Coll William Reed setting forth that Augustine Scarborough in the year 1708 Pattented a Tract of Land lying in Pasquotanke Containing 567 Acres but did not in his life time nor any one Since his Death seat the Same as by Lawe they ought prays he may have a lapse patent for the same

Ordered that the same be granted.

Read the Petition of Jacob Miller shewing that James Walker late of this province dyed Seized of a Tract of Land Containing 800 Acres lying on the South Side of Nuse river which Land is Escheatable to the Lords propts for want of Heirs of the sd Walker praying a writt of Escheat may goe out to enquire whether the said Land doth Escheat and that he may Obtain a patent for the same

Ordered that a writ of Escheat do Issue for the Same