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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Minutes of the North Carolina Governor's Council
North Carolina. Council
June 14, 1722
Volume 02, Pages 457-458

[Council Journal.]

North Carolina—ss.
At a Council at the house of the Honble the Presidents the 14th day of June 1722
Present The Honoble Thomas Pollock Esqr President &c
ffray ffoster Esqr Lds Proprietors Depty
Chris Gale Esqr Lds Proprietors Depty
John Lovick Esqr Lds Proprietors Depty
Thos Pollock Junr Esqr Lds Proprietors Depty

The Question being put whether Lands taken up in large quantitys on the grand Deed before the Lords Proprietors Instructions That no one person should take up in one place above the Quantity of 640 Acres and the same granted in one patent are saved from lapsing by building a house & planting ffencing and Tending one Acre of Ground

This Board was unanimously in their opinion in the affirmative

Coll William Maule the surveyor Genll with Coll Robert West having been appointed by this Board (to prevent future contests) to lay out the Tuskarurae Indians bounds on Morrattock which they not having complyed with John Lovick Thomas Pollock Junr Robert West Esqr are hereby appointed to see that affair determined and that there may be no Cavils hereafter concerning their bounds on Coll Jones Land They are to Endeavour to get Coll Edward Moseley who laid out the said Land to attend them with Mr William Charleton for an Interpretr who are to be allowed for their Troubles herein as is diricted in the former order of Council for that purpose

Christopher Gale Esqr presented to this Board a Deputation from the Honoble James Bertie Esqr one of the true and absolute Lords Proprietors appointing him his Deputy to represent him in Council which having been read and allowed of the said Christopher Gale Esqr was duly Quallified and then took his place at the Board accordingly

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Read the Petition of the Inhabitants of Core Sound shewing that whereas the Lds Proprietors having appointed Core Sound to be a ffree Port and that several persons have settled there and more Excepted and by reason of the Precinct Courts being kept at Neuse they are under very great hardships in fferrying horses (Especially in bad weather) to attend that Court Wherefores that their petitions may be taken in Consideration and that a new precinct may be Erected independant of Neuse and that a Comission may be granted them wth such priviledges as other precincts have & enjoy Which being considered of is Granted only this Board takes further time to consider of proper bounds for the Division of the precincts till their next meeting

The Deputation of Joseph Blake Esqr one of The True and absolute Lords proprietors being Vacant this Board unanimously made choice of John Blount Esqr to represent the said Jo Blake who being duly Qualifyed took his place at the Board accordingly

Luke Measel being brought before this Board as Commissr appointed by act of Assembly for determining affairs relating to Indians by a warrant from the Honoble the President for his having abused and beaten a Tuskarorae Indian belonging to King Blount whom he knocked down with his Gun and then sett his Dogg at him which bit him in several places and put the said Indian in great danger of his Life, And the said Measley being Examined confessed that he with two others being in the woods heard a Gun fired which he making to, found an Indian Loading his Gun who had just before Killed a Deer and that he bid the sd Indian go and Hunt on the other side Quitsna and the Indian making him some answer he by force took his Gun from him and struck him wth it on the side of the head and whilst they were strugling the Examts dog run at the Indian and bit some where about the knee But the Emaminant denys that he set the dog at him as is set forth in the Complaint

And this Board having duly Considered of the matter & Consequences that will attend such proceedings Doe order that the Constable doe keep the said Measel in his Custody and that he have him at King Blounts Towne on Teusday next before John Lovick Thos Pollock and Robert West Esqrs who are hereby directed tholy to Examine into the compts and pass such Judgmt thereon as shall be agreeable to Law and Justice and to make report of their proceedings herein to the next Council

By order