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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Minutes of the General Court of North Carolina
North Carolina. General Court
October 30, 1722 - November 03, 1722
Volume 02, Pages 478-480

North Carolina—ss.
At a Generall Court of Oyer & Terminer &c held at the Courthouse in Edenton on Tuesday the Thirtyeth day of October one Thousand Seven Hundred & twenty two & Continued by severall adjournmts till Saterday the third day of November following
Christopher Gale Esqr Cheif Justice &
John Worley Esqr Assistant
Adam Cockburne Esqr Assistant
& Henry Clayton Esqr Assistant

Hannah Davis being bound by Recognizance to appear at this Court &c made her appearance & upon Examinac̄on confest the fact that she was chargd with (To witt) the pilfering of Sundry Goods from one John Ballard to the value of ten pence

Whereupon It is Considerd and adjudgd that the said Hannah Davis receive on her bare back nine lashes at the publick Whipping Post and pay Costs.

William Fryley being bound by Recognizance to appear at this Court &c. accordingly made his appearance but noe person appearing to prosecute or give Evidence to make good the charge against him he was dischargd paying Costs.

Joseph Oates being brought before this Court by a warrant from the Cheif Justice to answer the Complaint of Thomas Lovick for passing in payment a Counterfeit Bill of this Province but the matter not being provd against him so as to charge him therewith he was acquitted paying Costs.

Sarah Simpson being brought before the Court to pay her fine for fornication or receive punishment according to Law. She accordingly paid down twenty five shillings which was delivered to Henry Bonner Churchwarden. And John Sale being by her oath the reputed father of her children

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Wherefore it is Ordered that he be taken into Custody (if to be found) and so securd that he may appear and pay his fine for Adultery (& if not to be found) then to attach his Estate to ye value of his fine and also to defray the charges which the Church Wardens shall be at in taking care of the said Sarah & her children.

John Evans being bound by Recognizance to appear at this Court &c accordingly made his appearance but no person appearing to prosecute he was dischargd paying Costs.

Satisfac̄on made Jany 24 1722

Complaint being made to this Court by Thomas Cooke agst Cullen Pollock Esqr for beating & abusing him very notoriously which was proved by the Oath of Abel Barger. Wherefore it is Ordered that the said Cullen Pollock be and appear before this Court tomorrow morning and upon his neglect or refusal that a warrant of Contempt do issue thereby to compell him to appear and answer the said complaint

Cullen Pollock Esqr by an Order of this Court appeared to answer the complaint of Thomas Cook and by the Evidence it appeared that the sd Cullen is Guilty of a Breach of the Peace.

Whereupon he submitted himself to the Court and it is Considered and Adjudged that the said Cullen Pollock pay a fine of forty shillings, and that he give security for his good behaviour. Accordingly he paid down the fine in Court, and acknowledged himself indebted to our Sovereign the King his heirs & successors in the sum of Twenty Pounds to be levyed on his goods & Chattells Lands & Tenements &c.

With Condition that if the said Cullen Pollock shall & doe well & truly behave himself towards his said Majtie & all his Leige people untill the third day of the next Genll Court then the above Recognizance to be voyd Otherwise to stand be & remaine in full force virtue &c

Upon reading the Orders of the prcinct Court about the Sound side Inhabitants below Doctor Urmstons made at July Court last held for the said prcinct and also the Errors filed by Edward Moseley the Attorney for the said Inhabitants and upon hearing the arguments on both sides

It is Considerd & Orderd by this Court that the Inhabitants of the Sound side District from Doctor Urmstons plantation downwards and the Inhabitants of the Lower part of ye Pocoson District to Yaupin River Bridge be united into one District as they formerly were & that Joseph Minge be continued Overseer of the Same

And it is hereby further Orderd that all the said Inhabitants do first work on finish and compleat the percosin Road to Yaupin River Bridge according to the method already begun of laying out into Lotts and then

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that they joyntly proceed to repair the Other Road and keep it passable: This Order to continue till the end of the next sessions of Assembly and so thence forward forever unless alterd by the Genl Assembly.

The Order of the prcinct Court concerning a Road orderd to be laid out near John Blounts Esqr and so down to the Mill &c and the Complaint against the same and the Supersedeas thereon granted as also the errors filed by Edward Moseley the Complainants Attorney are referd for arguing till the next Court.

Thomas Story being bound by Recognizance to appear at this Court &c accordingly made his appearance but noe person coming to prosecute he is dischargd paying Costs.

On motion of Danl Richardson Esqr Attorney Genl Orderd that a Scire ffac̄: do issue against the Exors of the sd ffredrick Jones Esqr deced.

And then ye Court adjourned

By order of the Chf Justice
& his assistants
W Badham Clk