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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Minutes of the General Court of North Carolina
North Carolina. General Court
October 27, 1724 - November 03, 1724
Volume 02, Pages 555-558

North Carolina—ss.
At a Generl Court of Oyer & Terminer & Gaol delivery held at the Courthouse at Edenton begun on Tuesday the twenty seventh day of October one thousand seven hundred and twenty four and continued by severall adjournments to the third day of November following.

A Com̄ission from the Honoble George Burrington Esq: Governor and the rest of the Members of the Councill directed to Thomas Pollock Esq: appoynting him Cheif Justice; And to to Cullen Pollock William Downing Isaac Hill John Alston and Robert LLoyd Esqs appoynting them

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Assistants to the said Cheif Justice was read And the said Cheif Justice administred the Oaths & Declarac̄on by Law appoynted for the Qualification also the Oath of a Justice of the Peace and the Oath by Law enjoynd for choosing indifferent Jurymen to William Downing Isaac Hill John Alston & Robert LLoyd who afterwards adminstred the aforesd Oaths & Declarac̄on to the said Cheif Justice and then they took their places accordingly.

Thomas Pollock Esq: Cheif Justice
Wm Downing Esq Assistant
Isaac Hill Esq Assistant
John Alston Esq Assistant
Robert LLoyd Esq Assistant

A Generall Commission of the Peace from his Excelly John Lord Carteret Palatin and the rest of the true & Absolute Lords Proprietors of Carolina directed to the present Members of the Councill and the Members of the Councill for the time being John Lovick Esq: Secretary and the Secretary for the time being William Little Esq: Attorney Genl and the Attorney Genl for the time being Thomas Boyd Esq: Solicitor Genl and the Solicitor Genl for the time being John Palin Cullen Pollock Esqs and to the Chairman of the severall precinct Courts within this Government for the time being appoynting them & every one of them Justices of for the Province aforesaid was read Pursuant to which John Lovick Esq: Secretary Thomas Harvey William Maule Robert West & Arthur Goffe Esq: Members of the Council William Little Thomas Boyd & John Palin aforesaid took & subscribed the Oaths & Declarac̄on by Law enjoynd for their Qualification and also the Oath of a Justice of the Peace which was Orderd to be recorded.

The following persons were impannelled & sworne of the Grand Jury vizl

Mr John Baptiste Ashe
Mr James Peake
Mr James Howard
Mr John Hill
Mr John Worley Senr
Mr Joshua Turner
Mr Robert Moore
Mr Tho. Blitchenden
Mr Geo Durant
Mr John Wyatt
Mr John Solley
Mr Wm Grey
Mr Joseph Spruill
Mr Adam Cockubrn
Mr Edm: Gale
Mr Charles Bull
Mr Arthur Mabson
Mr Joshua Porter
Mr ffrancis Pugh
Mr David Bailey.

Who being charged with things proper for their enquiry withdrew and considerd the severall matters given them in charge and on their returne

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presented William Charlton Junr of Chowan Precinct planter for assaulting beating and grievously wounding Thomas Heath of the said precinct.

Whereupon it was then & there Orderd that the Attorney Genl should make prosecution thereof. And then the Grand Jury was dischargd from further service at this Court.

Jacob Johnson and Ann the wife of peter Johnson being comitted on suspicion of having feloniously stole divers goods wares & merchandise belonging to one peter pedro of Cape Fair in South Carolina lately barbarously murtherd were now brought to this Barr and Examind concerning the premises

But Thomas Ball who was bound by Recognizance to appear & give Evidence for our Sovereign Lord the King and therein failing the said Jacob & Anne are orderd to give security in the sum of twenty five pounds each for their appearance at the next Genl Court and that the goods seized do continue still in the hands of the Provost Marshall of Bath County till further Order

And it is further Orderd that a Scire facias issue for Thomas Ball to appear at the next Genl Court to shew cause why he did not appear on his Recognizance and to secure of the Goods & Chattells of the said Ball (if to be found) sufficient to satisfy what shall be adjudged against him for failing to appear &c.

John Johnson being again solemnly called to surrender himself and answer to the Bill of Indictment aforesaid found against him Came not And the Marshall having failed to make proclamtion at the precinct Court of Pasquotank as he was commanded to do.

It is therefore Orderd that further process do issue requiring him to appear &c. at the next Court

Hill Savage being bound by Recognizance to appear &c at this Court and noe person appearing to prosecute Or Give Evidence he is dischargd paying Costs.

And now here at this day (vizl &c) Thomas Reston produced the said Philip Lanier alias Philander as by the last Courts Order he was obliged to do, And the said Thomas Harding here in Court exhibited the sayd Sparrows Book of Accounts which being compared with this Deed or Instrument in writing and Evidences concerning the same examined; It is Considerd and Adjudgd that the said Philander's petition be dismist the aforesaid Deed or Instrument in writing being adjudgd not to be the Deed of the said Sparrows & that the said Deed or Writing be filed among the Records of this Court it being endorst by the Honble Thomas Pollock Esq: Cheif Justice

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And now here at this day (vizl &c) the information made by William Daniel against John Jones Joseph Jones John Jornagen John Spier James Moore & William Moore at the Motion of the Attorney Genl are continued till the next Court.

And then the Court Adjourned

C. J.
Pr Order
W. Badham Cler Cur Gen: