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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Minutes of the North Carolina Governor's Council
North Carolina. Council
January 19, 1726
Volume 02, Pages 603-604

[Council Journal.]

North Carolina—ss.
At a Councill held at the Council Chamber in Edenton the 19th day of January Anno Dom 1726
The Honoble Sir Richd Everard Barrt Govr &c
Christ Gale Esq Member of the Council
John Lovick Esq Member of the Council
Edwd Moseley Esq Member of the Council
Thos Pollock Esq Member of the Council
Thos Harvey Esq Member of the Council
Robt West Esq Member of the Council

Edward Moseley Esqre Surveyr Genl delivered, in at the Council Table an Abstract of all the Grants of Land in Abemarle County remaining upon Record in the Secretaries Office of this Government Together with Instructions for the Colln of Quit Rents in order to the Framing a Rent Roll

It is ordered that the Secretary do Cause Copies thereof to be made for the Respective Collectors and that he cause to be added the abstract of such Grants as have been lately passd

The Governor Informing this Board that Arthur Goffe Esqr Recir General has Departed this Government for Great Britain without Leave from him and the council and declaring that the Office of Recr Genl was

-------------------- page 604 --------------------
Vacant Nominated William Little Esqr for Recr General in the Room of the said Goffe and thereupon Desired the approbation of the Council as the Law Directs which being considered of it is Ordered accordingly with a Clause that if the Lords Proprs approve of his the sd Goffs going home that the prest Recr allow the sd Goffe the same as his Deptys should have done

By order