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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Minutes of the North Carolina Governor's Council
North Carolina. Council
March 31, 1726 - April 01, 1726
Volume 02, Pages 606-607

-------------------- page 606 --------------------
[Council Journal.]

North Carolina—ss.
At a Council held at the Council Chamber in Edenton the 31st day of March Anno Dom 1726

The Honoble Sir Richard Everard Barrt Govr &c
William Reed Esqr Member of the Council
Christ Gale Esqr Member of the Council
J Lovick Esqr Member of the Council
E Moseley Esqr Member of the Council
Fran Foster Esqr Member of the Council
R Sanderson Esqr Member of the Council
Thos Harvey Esqr Member of the Council
John Palin Esqr Member of the Council

There having been a Provost Marshall appointed for the County of Bath for several years past and the people having several times since the arrival of Mr Route Provost Marshall for the whole Government petitioned that a Provost Marshall might be appointed for the County as formerly and Mr Route Informing this Board that he could get no Person of Reputation to act under him the profits being very small and being very desirous to resign what right he had in that County as Provt Marshall and the Honoble the Governor naming Mr John Bonde for Provost Marshall of Bath County this Board Concured therein

Adjourned till to morrow morning

April ye 1st met againe Present as before

Henry Clayton Esqr one of the Members of this Board being Dead and Edmond Gale Esqr was named to Succeed him and the Council agreeing thereto the said Gale having Qualifyed himself by taking the Oaths took his Place at the Board accordingly

Read the Petition of David Henderson praying a Lapse Patent on the Land belonging to John Powell dec̄d lying on the Devils Gutt and Exers of the sd Powell and Guardians to ye sd Powells Children petitioning for the same in behalf of the said Orphans the same is referrd till next Council that Enquiry be made whither they had notice agreeable to the Law of this Province

Read the Petition of John Council and William Bryan setting forth that Thomas Jones and other have Killed and destroyed great Quantities of their Stocks Ranging on the Borders of this Government praying an order from this Board com̄anding the sd Jones and his accomplices to desist from killing their Cattle until a Judgmt can be had at com̄on Law in the Premisses which, this Board considering of the same, is granted. Provided suit is brought at com̄on Law by next General Court

-------------------- page 607 --------------------

Ordered That Edward Howcot be appointed Messenger to the Council and that the Recr General Pay annually out of their Lordps Revenues Twenty Pounds for his services & attendance

Upon a Caveat Entered by James Reddick against Francis Pugh who petitions to obtain a Lapse patent for Six hundred and Forty acres of Land granted by Patent to the said Reddick lying in Chowan precinct which having been argued by the council on both sides This Board after due consideration of the cause are of Opinion That the Land Petitioned for is not Lapseable Ordered that Mr Pughs petition be rejected

Upon a Caveat entered Saml Williams agt Frans Pughs petition the petition is rejected

Upon a Caveat Entered by Jonathan Thackrell agt Frans Pughs Petition Ordered that the sd petition be Rejected.

For saving of Lands for the future every house shall be fifteen foot long Ten Broad Made tight and habitable of Clapboards or loggs squared with a roof and Chimney place and a Door place The whole acre Cleared well, the Major part of it broke up and planted with either Fruite Trees or grain

By order