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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Minutes of the North Carolina Governor's Council
North Carolina. Council
August 13, 1735
Volume 04, Pages 52-53

At a Council held at Newton on Cape Fear River on the 13th day of August Anno Dom. 1735

Present His Excellency
The Honoble N. Rice Esqr Member of His Majestys Council
The Honoble R Halton Esqr Member of His Majestys Council
The Honoble M Rowan Esqr Member of His Majestys Council
The Honoble R. Moore Esqr Member of His Majestys Council
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His Excellency proposed to this Board to open the Land Office at the Several times and Places under mentioned and the said motion being approved and concurred with. Ordered. That Proclamations issue giving Notice that the Governor will sit in Council to hear and determine Claims relating to Land at Newbern on the 22d day of September next ensuing and to the 29 of the same month at Bath on the 3d of October foll. and to the 10th of the said Month and at Bertie Court House on the 15th and to the 22d of the same Month and that all persons intending to apply for a hearing in the premises be required to affix advertisements of such their Intentions at the Court House of each respective Precinct to which they belong 3 weeks before such sitting.

His Excellency laying before this Board the Inconveniences arising from Warrants not being turned in a reasonable time into the Secretary's Office tis Ordered that henceforth all Warrants not returned into the said Office within seven months after the Date thereof shall be deemed absolutely null and void and as if they had never issued

His Excellency represented to this Board That he had received Information that several Persons holding Lands by Patent in this Province do possess great Quantities over and above what certain of their said respective and particular Patents do express and convey Ordered that the Surveyor General be directed to resurvey the said Lands and make his report to this Board by Christmas next vizt the following tracts or parcells that is to say the Lands called the cowpen on the No E. River the Lands called the Lisbon tracts on the No West river the Lands on the No West river held by Jno and Jane Grange the Lands on Shallot river possessed by Edward Hyrne and the Lands in Trent river possessed by Cullen Pollock Esqr and George Pollock the Heirs of the late Thos Pollock and Fredrick Jones