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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Letter from Clement Hall to Philip Bearcroft
Hall, Clement, d. 1759
February 27, 1745
Volume 04, Pages 752-753

[From North Carolina Letter Book of S. P. G.]

North Carolina, Perquimons Feby 27, 174⅘

Revd Sir [to the Secretary]

After a tedious Passage of 14 Weeks I arrived at Virga the 23rd of Novr past & at Home in No Carolina the 29th having suffered considerable loss in My small Estate in my long absence. I waited upon His Excellency, Gabl Johnston our Governor at whose desire I delivered to Him the Missionaries box of books (Mr. Garcia Dying about the time of my arrival) who told me that he would take care & send them to the SoWard. I Preached several times at Kingston near Portsmouth on board the Mermaid in the passage, in the several Churches in Virga &

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about 10 or 12 times in different Places where I am appointed a Missionary; Baptized about 100 Children & one adult brought up in Anabaptism the People being very well pleased with my Ministrations. There is neither Church or Glebe in this part of the Country or greater livings than about £37. 10. Sterling provided by law. However I have very lately agreed with the Vestry of Chowan Parish for £45. Pr Annum & to settle near Edenton; & to officiate in the Court House there in Town, two Sundays (till the Church is built) & every third at 30 or 40 Miles distance, the Parish being of vast extent & the Tythables about 1200 & few Dissenters or Sectaries among them tho' many are Perquimons & Pasquotank Counties. I mean Quakers & some Baptists, the former of which are very guilty of Railing against the Church & Minister even in Public. However I hope (notwithstanding this & other obstructions I often meet with from some few ill disposed people) by Gods gracious assistance to see the good effects of my Labours. There being several Religious Churchmen to be found & the common people are naturally teachable and ingenious & was there a Minister & Schoolmaster in every Parish (as there ought to be) there would be but few Dissenters or Sectaries in this province, as themselves declare they go to Meeting because they have not an opportunity of going to Church. I have distributed the small Tracts according to the best of my judgment in that Parish where I am about to settle for which the people return hearty Thanks to the Society & likewise for me their Missionary. I purpose (God willing) in April & May to visit every chapel & neighbourhood within my Mission—to disperse the small Tracts, Preach & Baptize and so continue to do once every year which will be about 400 Miles Riding.

I am sorry to acquaint you that the Church of Edenton is yet unfinished but now we have good hopes of its going forward; and in the mean time Divine Service is performed in the Court House, the congregation behaving with devotion & decency several of which are very desirous to receive the Holy Sacrament of the Lord's Supper. We are at a loss for a Church Bible & Common Prayer Book, having none in my library, neither is there any here to be bought. I hope in my next to write more particularly, & to yours as well as my satisfaction; as I have the Countenance of the Govr who is a pious & worthy Gent; & the good will of all good Protestants in the Place that know me; tho' my duty is very hard & I must expect to meet with some Difficulties, having already a large family to provide for.

Sir, your most, &c.,