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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Letter from James Moir to Philip Bearcroft
Moir, James, d. 1767
March 31, 1746
Volume 04, Pages 791-792

[From North Carolina Letter Book of S. P. G.]

Wilmington March 31, 1746

Revd Sir, [to the Secretary]

I have not the least hopes of seeing encouragement given to a settled ministry in this district and should have been obliged to leave it before this time but that I had some money of my own which has enabled me to surmount all the difficulties the vestry could lay me under by refusing to pay my salary—They are affronted if I do not go to their houses to baptize their children and their plantations to bury their dead the moment they send for me tho' timely notice has not been given and yet I cannot prevail on any parish to purchase a Glebe where my horses may be kept nor build a Parsonage house and certainly a Missionarie who is hir'd by the year has no business to do it. These inconveniences made me think some time I lived like a vagabond—They have impaired my health and often put it out my power to do what otherwise I would have done in the way of my office and therefore beg the Venerable Society may appoint me their Missionary for the Northern parts of this province which are above the District of Revd Mr. Hall I have some reason to expect my labours will prove more successful there than they have been here and am still of the opinion that no Missionary can live in this District till they are determined to make better provision for him and this is what never will happen till once they are convinced they can have no Missionary on any other term Since Michaelmas I baptized 54 white children and gave the Holy communion to 23 persons. I enjoy a better state of health at present and for some months past than I have done

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for several years past because I suppose the fevers and agues in the Fall and Pleurisis in the Winter which are epidemical attacked me with less violence than formerly but have negotiated no Bill for this half years Salaries expecting to hear the venerable Society will permit me to visit cold climate in the summer season if my health requires it

I am, Revd Sir, Your most, &c.,