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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Minutes of the North Carolina Governor's Council
North Carolina. Council
April 02, 1753 - April 12, 1753
Volume 05, Pages 31-33

At a Council held at Newbern April the Second 1753.
Present The Honoble Mathew Rowan Esqr President
The Honble James Murray Esqr Member.
The Honble Francis Corbin Esqr Member.
The Honble James Hasell Esqr Member.
The Honble James Craven Esqr Member.
The Honble James Innes Esqr Member.
The Honble Lewis De Rossett Esqr Member.

John Rieusset Esqr by virtue of a Mandamus from their Excellencies the Lords Justices dated at Whitehall the 11th of June 1752 which he produced was sworn & Admitted a Member of his Majesties Council in due form and took his seat at the Board accordingly

April the 9th 1753
Present the Honble the President
James Murray Esqr
Francis Corbin Esqr
James Innes Esqr
Lewis De Rossett Esqr
John Rutherford Esqr
John Rieusset Esqr
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Francis Corbin Esqr was qualified as an associate Justice of the General Court by taking the Oath of Alegiance, Supremacy, & Abjuration & making the Declaration against Transubstantiation and taking the Oaths of Office according to Law.

April 10th 1753

Present His Honour the President and the same members as yesterday

Ordered the Secretary to make out Commissions of the Peace and Dedimus Directed to the Persons mentioned in the Commission book for the Countys of Johnston, New Hanover, Craven, Bertie, Hyde, Beaufort, Duplin, Carteret, Tyrrel, North Hampton, Edgecombe, Chowan, Granville, Orange, Anson, and Onslow,

April 11th 1753
Present his Honr the President
James Murray Esqr
John Rutherford Esqr
James Innes Esqr
Francis Corbin Esqr
John Rieusset Esqr

His Honour the President with the approbation of the Council was pleased to appoint James Innes Esqr Escheator General in the room of Robert Halton Esq Dec̄ed. Ordered that a Commission be made out accordingly.

Read the Petition of Edward Ward Junr setting forth that he is Tenant in possession of a Certain Tract of Land containing 640 acres of Land lying in the precinct, now in the County of Onslow which was Granted by Patent dated the 20th day of Febry 1735 to Hezekiah Ress afterward conveyed by sd Ress to Solomon Jenning & from him to William Robinson who died (as is said) without Heirs and praying that a warrant of Escheat for the same may be issued & Directed to the Escheator General Granted.

April 12th

Present His Honour the President and the same members as yesterday

An Act intituled an act to prevent the Exportation of Grain in time of scarcity having been passed this session of Assembly John Rutherford Esqr one of the members of this board being the last person come from Cape Fear made oath that the price of Indian Corn at the time of his Departure from Thence, exceeded three shillings Proclamation per Bushell and that severall of the Inhabitants there were really in Distress for want of Grain Whereupon His Honour the President by virtue of the beforementioned Act and with the Unanimous advice & Consent of the Council was pleased to order a proclamation to be issued to prohibit untill the 12th day of November next the Exportation of Indian Corn

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& other Grain out of the Port of Brunswick in Cape Fear River and a Proclamation was issued accordingly.

Ordered the Attorney Generall to enter a Nolli Prosequi in the Kings Suit against John Haywood it being on a bill of Indictment found against him in the Execution of his Office as a Magistrate.