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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Minutes of the North Carolina Governor's Council
North Carolina. Council
September 26, 1753 - September 29, 1753
Volume 05, Pages 34-36

At a Council held at Newbern on Wednesday the 26th day of September 1753
Present the Honble Mathew Rowan Esqr President
James Murray Esqr
John Swann Esqr
James Hasell Esqr
John Rieusset Esqr

On Reading the Petition of Alexander Mackay and George Robards two warrants for certain interfering Lands between Trentham Creek and Duck Branch in Bladen County

It was ordered that Alexander Mackeys Land be Resurveyed exactly square and that In the mean time George Robards Petition for a Patent be postponed

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The Commissioners on the 28th day of March last to examine hear and Determine concerning the Complaint of the Tuskerora Indians made their Report in the following words,

“Pursuant to the within Warrants the Parties appeared, and John McGasky the Defendant confessing that he held a Tract of Land by Virtue of a Lease from the Indian King ordered and adjudged that the Defendant quit his Claim and all pretention to the said Land by Virtue of the said Lease, from which Judgment the Defendt appeals Given under Our Hands this 21st day of May 1753.


Which return being read and the appellant heard it was Ordered that the Judgment of the said Commissioners be confirmed and that the said John McGasky do remove himself and his effects off and from the said Indians Lands Accordingly

At a Council held at Newbern on Thursday the 27th Day of September 1753

Present His Honr the President and the same Members as Yesterday.

Read and Granted the following Petitions for Resurvey of Land held in Craven County.

Thomas Pollock one Tract of 1500 & another Tract of 2500 acres John Devis 238 acres

James Hasell Esqr produced a Commission from His Honour the President for Chief Baron of His Majestys Court of Exchequer and took the severall Oaths by Law appointed for the Qualification of Publick Officers as also the oath of Chief Baron and subscribed the Declaration against Transubstantiation.

Newbern Sepr 28 1753

Present His Honr the President and the same Members as yesterday.

Read the Petition of John Stiring setting forth that he Obtained an order for a Resurvey of a Tract of Land which he holds by patent Granted to Charles Worth Glover dated the 19th November 1723 that by the Return of sd Resurvey it appears that one of the Courses viz So 60 East and the Distance of the Course viz 130 poles have been entirely omitted to be inserted in the said Patent and Record and praying the said mistake may be Rectified—Granted and the said Error was in the presence of the Council Rectified both in the Patent and Record

Ordered that a Proclamation be Issued to prorogue the Genl Assembly to the Third Tuesday in February next then to meet at Wilmington

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At a Council held at Newbern the 29th day of September 1753.

Present the Honourable Mathew Rowan Esqr President
The Honble James Murray Esqr
The Honble John Swann Esqr
The Honble James Hasell Esqr
The Honble John Rieusset Esqr

The Secretary Represented that a Great Number of Warrants for Land have been Executed in his Office and there Remain the Warrantees neglecting to compleat their Titles; and that many of these Warrantees under colour of those warrants, possess or keep vacant great Quantities of His Majesties Lands within this Province, eluding thereby the payment of his Majestys Quit rents & preventing the fair and equal settlement of this His Majestys Province for Remedy whereof It was ordered that a Proclamation be issued that all Lands described by warrants dated Before the 25th day of September 1752 and now lying in the Secretarys Office not patented, to be vacant Lands and free to be taken up And for the better Discovering all Fraud and Neglect in the premises, It was likewise ordered that the Secretary do publish in the Gazette a List of the Warrants returned into his Office for which Compleat Patents have not been issued distinguishing such warrants as are not yet Expired.