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Letter from John Ross Dunn to Arthur Dobbs
Dunn, John Ross, d. 1783
November 20, 1754
Volume 05, Pages 152-153

[From MSS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]


Haveing Received Your Honours Instructions by the Hands of Mr. Jones I have Taken what Care I possibly Could in Sending You as Particular an Account of what Taxables are this Year in Rowan County and by the returns made to me by the Justices it appears to be 1116 white and 54 Black, the Justices having made no sort of Distinction between the male and Female Black Taxables it will be impossible to be so particular as Your Instructions required

-------------------- page 153 --------------------

I have Inclosed Your Honr What Administration Bonds are now in the Office, there are several who applied for Letters of Administration to this Court, after which being Granted they Left Court before the bonds were Executed as I Could not attend to Draw them Dureing the Time of the Sitting of Court, but promised to Execute them before they Came to Take out their Certificates from me to Yr Honr which I shall be Careful in Getting Without Delay, I have sent 3 Blanks of the Letters of Administration which are unfilled one of which were filled in a mistake Through Hurry in Court, I haveing fill'd one a few minnits before I forgot and filled this for the same person and when I found the mistake I kept this back

I have also sent Your Honr An Account of What Wills as were Proved in this Court since the 1st of Jany 1753 and as near to Your Instruction as I possibly could.

Sr as to the Complaints of the Executors of his Late Excellency I Can find no room for as I was not in Commission at Any Time Dureing his Government whereas Your Honour is Very Sensible I Recd my Commission from President Rice after his Excellency's Death

I Thought to have attended His Honour the President and You, as soon as I Heared of the Govrs Comeing in, when I should Have Endeavoured to Adjust and Cleer all my Accts with his Honour &c but Haveing the Misfortune of Geting a fall from off my Horse as I was rideing Together with Major Carter at the Head of some of the Companies to Our Genl Muster By which fall and the kicks I recd on my Breast after I was down my body was so bruised that I was some weeks obliged to keep my bead and at this Time am not able to stoop to Buckel my Shoe or Sit to write Unless it be a line at a time and then rest, untill my pains abate

I Therefore Hope His Honr the President and You Will at this Time Excuse my non attendance to answer Your Letter to me, And as Soon as I hear of the session of the Assembly or Court of Claims or other time of Business I will Endeavour to Attend when I hope to Give Yr Honrs Further Satisfaction &c

In the mean time I shall beg Leave to Subscribe My Self Your Honours Most Humble Servt.


Rowan November 20th 1754