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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Petition from inhabitants of the Cape Fear Area concerning roads
De Rosset, Moses John, 1726-1767; Et Al.
Volume 05, Pages 164-166

-------------------- page 164 --------------------
[From Original MSS. in Office of Secretary of State.]

To His Excellency Arthur Dobbs Esqr Captn General, Governour & Commander in Chief in and over his Majesty's Province of North Carolina, The Honble Members of his Majestys Council, and to the Members of the General Assembly of sd Province

The Humble Petition of us the Subscribers Sheweth

That the Court of New Hanover County having some time agoe appointed a ferry from the Town of Wilmington to the Point of Marshe at the Mouth of the Thoroughfare, also another at a Place called Mount Misery on the North West branch of Cape Fear River, And the Commissioners of the Several Districts have neglected and Refused to cause roads to be made to the same, to the Great Detriment of all Travellers, as also the Inhabitants of New Hanover and the Upper Counties

We therefore pray that a Law may be passed to Oblige the Commissioners of the Several Districts adjoining the said Ferries, to cause Sufficient Roads to be made to the same, and your Petitioners as in Duty bound will ever Pray

Moses Jno DeRosset
Richd Eagles Junr
Edmond Rousk
Tho: Corbett
Tho: Hall
Arthur Mabson
Saml Neale
Geo Hyrne
James Arlow
Jno Jones
Matthew Byrne
Iver McKay
William Bell
Dennis Moore
Cloud Cuningham
Caleb Mason
William Robinson
James Moore Jun
John Walker
Thos Cunningham
Ithamas Singletary
Alexr McAlister
James Gregory
Dan: McVuary
Thomas Neale
Benja Hillyard
James Knott
Abraham Molton
John Boyd
Thos Landen
Tho Bowen
Richd Parker
John Jones
Edwd Melket
John Frazear
Townsend Robinson
Anthy Ward
Henry Moore
John Wilkins
Fran: Brice
-------------------- page 165 --------------------
Wm Routledge
Henry Skibbow
Tho Routledge
Marmaduke Jones
Wm McRee
John Eede
Martin Holts
Wm Veale
Daniel Diggins
Saml Dunbibin
Gibbons Jennings
Joseph Gary
Farmer Hembro
Benjn Morison
Christopher Dudley
Peter Simons
Bishop Dudley
Hen: Simmonds
Nathl Zeman
Wm Simmonds
Newell Harris
Geo: Gibbs
John Maultsby Junr
Danl Dunbibin
David Thomson
Will: McNeill
Ja: Campbell
David Jones
Thos Custry
Berry Moore
Thomas Waman
Thos Rowan
Wm Davis
Wm Smith
John Wattson
Walter Simson
John Brown
John Small
Robert Burleigh
Johannes Eppinger
Edward Palmer
Willm Sym
Alexr McDougald
Neil Stothin
David Doud
Jo Walker
Isaac Vick
Samuel Willets
John Davis Junr
Chrisr Walton
Joshua Toomer
John Barnet
Thos James
Nath Alexander
Jas Blyth
Isaac Ogden
John Rose
William Gregory
Benjamin Smith
John Roe
Edwd Bryan
Jacob M'Clendon
Hugh Murray
Thomas Sharfard Williams
Antoine Dubose
John Dunn
Roger Evans
John Earle
Benjamin Evans
John Colvin
John Wright
John Marshall
John Gready
Samll Watters
-------------------- page 166 --------------------
Samll Samford
Dad Morgan
Jos Clarke
A Jno Lillington
Maur Moore
Thos White
Hugh Purdie
Duncan McNeill
John Maultsby Senr
Samll Ashe
Ustr Espy
Jas Mackilwean
Willm Cain
Wm Williams
John Campbell
Cosmas Farquharson
Wm Pugh
Geo Merreck
Serence Kelly
Willm Dry
William Walker
Robert Moore
J Beteilke

We the Grand Jury for the Counties of New Hanover Onslow [copy mutilated] Anson Duplin, Rowan & Cumberland agree to the Above Petition as witness our hands

William Farris Foreman
Isaac Jones
Geo. Moore
George Brown
Jno D: Bois
Chas Robinson Jur
Fredk Gregg
Edwd Brown
Corns Harnett
Richard James
Grant Rd Farr
Robt Knowls
Joseph Mumford
John Brown
Thomas Finney
Daniel McDuffie
Jno White
Caleb Howell
John Grange