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Letter from Robert Dinwiddie to Arthur Dobbs
Dinwiddie, Robert, 1693-1770
February 01, 1755
Volume 05, Page 366

-------------------- page 366 --------------------
[Reprinted from Dinwiddie Papers. Vol. 1. P. 483.]
Governor Dinwiddie to Governor Dobbs.

Feb'y 1st, 1755.


Y'r agreeable L'r of the 9th I did not receive till the 27th. The 5,000£ Y'r Assembly has given for Aid to the Expedit'n I find is left to You either to Supply in Men or Provis's. In my last, I wrote You if You sent a Compa. in, 400 bls. good Pork will be very acceptable, as also a Quantity of Bacon, as y't is easy Carriage on Horses; and in the Mo's of May or June some Beeves to be drove from Y'r Colony to the Camp will be very agreeable, as by y't Time Salt Provis's will be mostly exhausted. The two regim'ts y't are expected are to be augment'd from 500 to 700 Men each. I have accordingly ordered the Officers to recruit for them agreeable to Instruct's. I have in our News Paper offered the Encouragem't y't is proposed for the people y't enlist in these Regim'ts, but I fear I shall not be able to get the wanted. If deficient, they must be supplied from our other Men raised for the Colony. I think for the pres't, 50 Men from You, with Provis's, is as much as can be expected from Y'r Fund, and if You please, to send them by Water to Alexa'a on Poto. River. I sent You a Packet from Londo. to the Care of Mr. Watson at Suffolk. Since y't, we have no News from Londo. or any from the Ohio than w't I formerly Wrote You. I have ordered all our Forces to W. C., for fear this fine Open Winter the Fr. on the Ohio may have Intelligence of the Supplies We expect, and endeavour to make an Attempt on our Camp, Where there is only the three Ind't Companies. Y'r President cannot expect more y'n half the Salary and Perquisities from the Time of Y'r being appointed. I think His M'y's Instruct's on y't Head are very explicit, and indeed the Salary of Y'r Predecessor on the former Establishm't was so ill p'd y't the Presid't account'g for half the Perquisities may be a proper Settlem't. When S'r Wm. Gooch left this [Colony] he made a particular Agreem't with the then President, and as I was only four Mos. from my Appointm't till my Arrival, I did not insist on any part of the Perquisities, as S'r W'm's Agent had settled With the President a Mo. before my Arrival. I think You have a right from the Date of Y'r Com'o. L'd Albemarle and myself are on an Agreem't to pay him so much Yearly. We all join in kind respects to You, son and nephew, and be assur'd I rem'n in great Truth,

Y'r Ex's most ob'd't humble Serv't.