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Letter from Robert Dinwiddie to James Abercromby
Dinwiddie, Robert, 1693-1770
March 17, 1755
Volume 05, Pages 394-395

[Reprinted from Dinwiddie Papers. Vol. 2. P. 2.]
Governor Dinwiddie to James Abercromby.

Mar. 17th, 1755.


Y'r several Let's I rec'd, the last by C't Dalrymple, of 30th Jan'y. I am so hurried y't I cannot particularly answer 'em all. C't Dalrymple was not sent Home by me, but Capt. Whitwell, of His M'y's Ship, Triton, being ordered to N. Engl., by whom I intended my Lets; I found Mr. Dalrymple at Hampton, and as he was going home, I gave him my Let's to [be] d'd on his Arrival, but did not esteem him a proper person to apply or to speak to any Thing here; w't he did y't way was entirely voluntary. However, poor Man, I have obtained him a Com'o. from Gen'l Braddock to comm'd Johnson's Fort in No. Car., w'ch is all he desired. The Death of L'd Albemarle gave me very great Concern, and if H. M'y sh'd think proper to keep it open a few years, the Salary w'd reimburse a very great Expence I have been at in the Publick Service these last two Years, and if properly considered, will be no very great Favo. But I must submit to my Fate on y't Head. The money sent me, &c., is near exhausted, y't I am obliged to call the Assembly the 1st Day of May next, to endeavor to get further Supplies. But I dread Success, as our neighbouring Colonies have been so indol't, refractory

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and inconsist't with their own Int't and H. M'y's Com'd's as not to grant us any Assist'ce, either in Money, Men or Provis's, except N. York, ab't 3,000£ St'g; No. Car., 6,000£, their Money; M'yl'd the same sum; So. Car. and Pensylv'a, not one Farthing. These Neglects and Disobedience to the Royal Mandat. is inexcusable.

Sir, y'r Friend and h'ble Serv't.