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Letter from Robert Dinwiddie to Arthur Dobbs
Dinwiddie, Robert, 1693-1770
April 30, 1755
Volume 05, Pages 400-401

[Reprinted from Dinwiddie Papers. Vol. 2. P. 18.]
Governor Dinwiddie to Governor Dobbs.

Apr. 30th, 1755.


I have been y's Mo. at Alexa'a with Gen'l Braddock, where he, Com'o. Keppel, the Gov'rs of N. Engl., N. York, Pensylva'a, M'yl'd and myself met in Council to consult a Plan of Operat's for the Forces y's Summer, w'n it was unanimously agreed y't the Gen'l with upwards of 3,000 Forces sh'd attack the Forts on Ohio, River de Buef and Lake Erie. Gov'r Shirley's and S'r Wm. Pepperell's Regim'ts to attack Niagara; Colo. Johnston with 5,000 Militia raised in the No'ern Provinces is to besiege Crown Point; that the two Ind't Companies at N. York and two Companies of S'r Wm. Pepperell's proceed directly to Fort Oswego to raise Breast Works and make it defencible. Two Sloops to be built on Lake Champlain, w'ch Gov'r Shirley has undertaken to provide Workmen, &c. These are the Dispositions made, and I hope will meet with Your Approbation. The want of Money is a very great Loss. I call our Assembly To-morrow, but I much dread of Success, as the neighbouring Colonies of Pensylvania and M'yl'd continue refractory and obstinate, but shall do all in my Power. Y'r son, now here, has bro't a Compa. of 84 Men. They are gone for Alexa'a and he proceeds by Land To-morrow. If You can agree for 600 good fat cattle to be drove to W. Creek it will be very acceptable, and may be of Use in raising Money to pay Y'r Company. Inclosed You have a Letter, I think from Gov'r Shirley, and one from Mr. Glen, w'ch please forw'd by first convenient Opp'ty, as also three Packets from England for You and the two Gov'rs to the So'w'd. I shall supply Y'r Son with w't he may want. I am much hurried y't I cannot enlarge, but y't I am in great Truth,

Y'r Ex's most obed't humble serv't.

-------------------- page 401 --------------------

P. S.—I think C't Dalrymple is not very modest in his repeated Dem'ds. You must keep him at proper Distance, otherways he will be two assuming, and I fear he is not liked in Y'r Province. I forgot to acqu't You y't Colo. Johnston is gone to the Six Nat's with a Pres't for the So'ern Ind's to be d'd by Gen'l Braddock. I much want to hear of Y'r Serv't's return from Mr. Glen, tho' I presume Gov'r Littleton may be there by y's Time.

Y'rs Sincerely,
R. D.