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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Letter from William Tryon to Wills Hill, Marquis of Downshire
Tryon, William, 1729-1788
October 16, 1764
Volume 06, Page 1055

-------------------- page 1055 --------------------
[From Governor Tryon's Letter Book.]
Letter from Governor Tryon to The Earl of Hillsborough, London.

Wilmington, 16th October 1764.

On my arrival in this Province I waited on Governor Dobbs with the Instructions I had the honor to receive by the post from your Lordship a few days before my departure from England. I was not misled in my apprehensions I expressed to your Lordship and Lord Halifax of the Governor's continuance here: He acquainted me he purposed to undertake his voyage to England the middle of April or beginning of May next; This was no flattering intelligence to me, and what makes it still less so, is the consideration of the great probability of the Governor's infirmities not permitting him to undertake the voyage in the best season of the year, yet he flatters himself with returning back to this Province. I have communicated to the Earl of Halifax the mortification my ambition has experienced, and at the same time requested his Lordship to take into his consideration my present situation. I must earnestly solicit likewise my Lord, your interest and protection, I assure your Lordship, separate from the expence of my equipment and passage to this Province, the present establishment of my family is much superior to the income of my fortune or produce of my commission in the Guards. I own, notwithstanding, I still entertain very flattering ideas from my undertakings in this Continent, which are kept alive by the expectations I entertain of the good offices of my friends at home and I do not yet wish to be in Grosvenor Street unless it was to enjoy such friends as I cannot find or cultivate in this Province.

The Provincial Assembly meet the 23rd Inst; as soon as I have informed myself of the forms and proceedings of the public business of this Province, I shall make a tour in the country, as the winter is the best and only season for travelling in this climate: By the time of my return I hope to acquire a tolerable insight into the temper and genius of the inhabitants, the nature and quality of the soil and commodiousness of the several navigable rivers, all which will be useful and agreable to me.

I am &ca