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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Minutes of the Board of Trade of Great Britain
Great Britain. Board of Trade
May 01, 1764 - December 20, 1764
Volume 06, Pages 1062-1064

-------------------- page 1062 --------------------
[B. P. R. O. Journals B. T. Vol. 72.]

Tuesday, May 1, 1764.

At a Meeting of His Maj. Commrs for Trade and Plantations

The Earl of Hillsborough
Mr. Jenyns
Mr. Elliot
Mr. Bacon
Mr. Rice
Lord Orwell

The Earl of Hillsborough having acquainted the Board that the Governor of North Carolina had in a private letter to him desired him to intercede with His Majesty for his Royal leave to return to England for twelve months for the recovery of his health and to settle his private affairs a letter to the Earl of Halifax desiring him to lay the Governor's request before His Majesty was agreed to and signed.

Tuesday, June 26th 1764.

Their Lordships took into consideration the state of His Maj. Province of North Carolina and the following letters and papers were read and considered Viz:

Letter from Gov. Dobbs to the Board dated Jany 14th 1764 ackowledging the receipt of three of the Board's letters and containing remarks on illicit trade the Boundary Line and proceedings of the Assembly.

Letter from Gov. Dobbs dated Mar. 29th 1764 containing his sentiments on the wants and defects of the Province its chief products improvements and trade.

Letter from Gov. Dobbs dated Mar. 29th 1764 relating to several Acts lately passed there the Boundary line, illicit trade &c & inclosing Copy of Gov. Dobbs Speech to the Council and Assembly of North Carolina.

Address of the Council of North Carolina to the Govr Febry 9th 1764

Address of the Assembly same date

Twenty Acts passed 9th March 1764

Minutes of Council from 15 April 1763 to 14 March 1764.

Letter from Henry McCulloh to the Secy dated June 2, 1764

-------------------- page 1063 --------------------
desiring that directions may be given for allowing him credit for the sum due to him according to the course of exchange between Carolina and London.

Ordered that the said Acts be sent to Sir Matthew Lamb for his opinion thereupon without delay.

Ordered that the Secry do transmit Extracts of so much of Mr. Dobbs letters as relate to the state of religion in that Province to the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign parts and that the Draught of a letter to the Bishop of London inclosing the like extracts be prepared.

Their Lordships then took into consideration twenty eight Acts passed in North Carolina in December 1762 and the said Acts were read as also Sir Matthew Lamb's Report thereupon.

Wednesday June 27th 1764

Their Lordships made a further progress in the consideration of the Laws of North Carolina passed in December 1762.

Thursday. June 28th 1764.

Their Lordships went through the consideration of the Laws of North Carolina passed in 1762 and it was Ordered that the Draught of a Representation to His Majesty should be prepared proposing the repeal of the Act for the distribution of Intestates Estates which appeared lyable to great objection.

Friday. June 29th 1764.

Col. Tryon appointed Lieut Governor of North Carolina and going out to take the administration of that Government upon Gov. Dobbs having obtained leave to return to England attended and the Board had some discourse with him upon several points relative to the state of that Province and it was ordered that such Observations as had occurred should be stated to him in a letter from the Secretary.

Monday July 2nd 1764.

The Draught of a Representation to His Majesty proposing the repeal of an Act passed in North Carolina in 1762 having been prepared pursuant to order was agreed to transcribed and signed as was also a letter to the Bishop of London inclosing extracts of letters from Govr Dobbs concerning the state of religion in that Province

-------------------- page 1064 --------------------

Friday. July 20th 1764

Read a letter from Dr. Burton to Mr. Pownall Dated 20 July 1764 returning the thanks of the Society to the Board for the cemmunication of the state of religion in North Carolina

Thursday. Decr 20th 1764.

Read a letter from William Tryon Esq. Lieut. Govr of North Carolina to the Board dated 15 Oct. 1764 acquainting their Lordships with his arrival in that Government and promising to execute their directions.

Copy of the extract of Instructions recd by Col. Tryon of the Lords Commrs for Trade & Plantations dated 2 July 1764 and delivered to Gov. Dobbs.