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Letter from William Tryon to the Board of Trade of Great Britain
Tryon, William, 1729-1788
June 24, 1765
Volume 07, Page 94

-------------------- page 94 --------------------
[From Tryon's Letter Book.]
Letter from Goverror Tryon to the Board of Trade

Brunswick 24 June 1765

The enclosed papers will give your Lordships a particular detail of an unfortunate duel fought at Brunswick the 18th of March last between Lieutenant Whitehurst and Alexander Simpson, Master, both of his Majesty's Sloop the Viper; the consequences of which terminated in the death of Lieutenant Whitehurst; his thigh was broke by a pistol shot, and his head wounded in several places with the said pistol, the butt end of which, and the pan, was broke by the violence of the blows, he received. Mr Simpson received a shot behind his right shoulder, the ball came out under the arm. The depositions of James Brewster and James Mooringe, both midshipmen of the Viper, were taken by Justice Hill in the presence of late Governor Dobbs and myself; the copy of the Coroner's inquest on Lieut. Whitehurst's body, the verdict against Mr Simpson; his commitment; proclamation for re-apprehending of him on his escape, with the proceedings taken in the Superior Court at Wilmington, will I am satisfied, convince your Lordships, and the Lords of Admiralty, that no assistance or connivance was given by the Legislature in this Province to favor his escape. Capt Phipp's letter, copy of which I send your Lordships, with my answer annexed, was in consequence of Justice Hill's proclamation of hue and cry to re-apprehend Mr Simpson. I own so uncommon a spirit of revenge appeared in Mr Simpson's conduct and treatment of Lieut. Whitehurst, that I was very solicitous of putting him on his trial; His escape was effected the night before the Governor died, at which period I was 70 miles from Brunswick, escorting Lord Adam Gordon thro' part of this Province. His Lordship is acquainted with the circumstances of this duel; Woman, I was told, sowed the first seeds of their dissentions. I have sent a copy of these papers to Lord Colvil, and acquainted him I should send duplicates of the same to the Lords of Admiralty, which I do, through your Lordships board, agreeable to the Governor's instructions

I am, my Lords &ca